BlauFast 75mm Metal Radial Duct Manifold Box 200mm Connection 15 Port Insulated

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Product Title: BlauFast 200mm 15-Port Metal Radial Semi Rigid Duct MVHR Manifold Box

Product Description:

Introducing the BlauFast 200mm 15-Port Metal Radial Semi Rigid Duct MVHR Manifold Box, meticulously engineered to boost the effectiveness of ventilation systems across both residential and commercial environments. This manifold box is essential for superior air management in diverse building types, suitable for new constructions as well as renovations.

Key Features:

Advanced Design: The BlauFast 200mm 15-port manifold box delivers a robust solution for efficient air distribution throughout any property.

Superior Insulation: Equipped with outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation, this manifold ensures excellent environmental control.

Dual Functionality: Ideal for both air intake and exhaust, it maintains an optimally fresh and humidity-controlled indoor atmosphere.

Effortless Installation: This system is crafted for straightforward installation across various settings, including lofts, underfloor areas, and beyond.

Passivhaus Compatibility: Fully compatible with Passivhaus and other high-efficiency building standards, making it a top choice for energy-saving projects.


The BlauFast 200mm 15-Port Metal Radial Semi Rigid Duct MVHR Manifold Box is designed to cater to demanding ventilation needs, making it a versatile choice for a broad spectrum of building scenarios, from residential dwellings to commercial properties. The manifold's increased port capacity simplifies the complexities involved in installing expansive ventilation systems, ideal for large or intricate projects requiring meticulous air management.

The 15-port configuration enhances its flexibility for different architectural designs, including those with rigorous energy recovery specifications. BlauFast provides a range of manifolds suited for any installation, facilitating the extraction of stale air in humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms, while also introducing fresh, conditioned air in living and working spaces. The increased number of ports offers the adaptability needed to manage more complex building layouts effectively.

Additional Advantages:

Smooth Inner Surface: Simplifies maintenance, reducing dust accumulation and ensuring cleaner air delivery.

System Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with the BlauPlast ductwork system, creating a cohesive and efficient setup.

Enhanced Air Tightness: Minimizes air leakage, optimizing the efficiency of your HVAC system and reducing energy costs.

Compact Design: Its sleek, compact construction is perfect for integration into spaces with limited or unconventional architectural dimensions.

Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, promoting a more comfortable indoor environment without disruptive noise.

Simple Assembly: Easy to assemble with push-fit connectors; no specialized tools are required, ensuring a smooth installation process.

Aesthetic Integration: The system’s components can be easily concealed within building structures, preserving a neat and discreet aesthetic.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand significant external pressures, suitable for installation even under concrete floors.

In summary, the BlauFast 200mm 15-Port Metal Radial Semi Rigid Duct MVHR Manifold Box is an outstanding choice for upgrading any ventilation system. Its advanced design, exceptional insulation properties, and versatile application make it an indispensable asset for achieving superior air quality and energy efficiency in any building project. Enhance your property’s ventilation with BlauFast for reliable, effective air management solutions.

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Please choose Size 15 x 75mm Ports
Duct Connection Size 200mm Dia
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