Take control of the air you breathe

Healthier living for you and your home

Fresh air in every room

Filter air, remove polutants, control your indoor environment

Recycle energy from waste air

Recover heat, increase savings, reduce your carbon footprint

Air Handling Unit’s

MVHR Ducting

Commercial Fans


Filter the air in your home so it’s free from pollutants, encouraging a healthier living environment.

Reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Ventilate your home without losing heat.

Prevent damp and mould caused by water vapour in the home from daily activities like cooking and showering.

Extractor Fans



Take A Look At Our Designer Extractor Fans

Frameless Vents

Blauberg’s frameless vents are the perfect option if you need your vents to blend into the design of your home. The clue’s in the name with these vents fitting flush to your ceiling for the ultimate seamless finish.

These designer vents are made almost entirely of gypsum, allowing them to be installed into your ceiling and painted over in the colour of your choice.

Blauberg also offers frameless circular,square and slot diffusers, which have the same advantages as the circular vents, that being their paintable nature and seamless finish.

Calm Fans

Blauberg Calm our flagship range of intermittent extractor fans, designed to be mounted in any modern or classic bathroom, kitchen, or wet room.

Suitable for mounting in Zone 1 or 2, Calm fan silently works to extract humid, moist air to reduce the effects of mold, condensation & damp.

Choose Blauberg Calm fan for a healthier living.

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