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Blauair Slimline Low Profile Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Commercial - CFP-CON

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Model Features:

  • Suitable for schools, commercial and civil applications.
  • Slimline suspended ceiling mounted supply & extract heat recovery unit.
  • Airflow rates from 500 to 6000 m3/hour (138 to 1666 l/s).
  • Electric & water heater options with plug & Play controls built-in.
  • Control everything from a tablet, iPhone, smart control via internal WiFi router.
  • ERP 2018 compliant and A+ energy rated.

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Blauair CFP Horizontal Slimline Ceiling Mounted Counter Flow Heat Recovery Unit

The Blauair CFP range of highly efficient heat recovery units are designed specifically for the UK market. Blauair MVHR units have airflow rates from 500 to 6000 m3/hour, ultra low low SFP (specific fan power) levels and high thermal efficiencies required by schools, nurseries, commercial buildings, offices and civic buildings.

New for 2019 is our updated smart control system. This substantial upgrade enables you to program and control indoor air quality from a smart phone, ipad using wifi or from anywhere in the world with a built-in smart hub. All Blauair MVHR heat recovery units are now fitted with a built-in wireless router offering not just simple operation and control but full Modbus connectivity to any compatible building management system.

The available sizes give airflow rates from 500 up to 6000 m3/hour over seven frame sizes. Coupled with high efficiency EC motors and double counter-flow heat recovery cores, low SFP ratings are achieved, well within the requirements of ERP 2018.

The intelligent arrangement of fans, heat recovery cores and filters, makes BlauAIR units slimline and easy to mount in small loft spaces, ceiling voids and false ceilings. Bolt-on items such as electric & LPHW heaters, volume control dampers and Nox filters are available from stock.

The plug and play fully automatic controls package integrates seamlessly with a full range of sensors such as CO2, humidity, temperature, light and air quality control. Access, set up, adjustment and commissioning is via an easy to use LCD display panel, smart phone, tablet or via Modbus protocol and a user friendly web based interface.

Blauair CFP Horizontal Slimline Ceiling Mounted Counter Flow Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Exchanger

  • Heat exhanger Counterflow aluminum plate heat exchanger.
  • Eurovent certified heat recovery efficiency.
  • Removable drain pans on both supply and extract.
  • Automatic full-size summer by-pass.

Supply & Extraxct Fans

  • Supplied with German EC fans.
  • Backward curved impeller.
  • Phase/voltage [50/60Hz/VAC] ~1, 200/277.
  • Insulation class B.
  • Motor protection class IP 54.

Unit Casing

  • Double skin frameless casing with 40 mm mineral wool 90 kg/m3; non-flammable; outer skin: zinc-aluminum; inner skin: zincaluminum;
  • Manufactured to EN1886 class: D1, T2, TB2; corrosion resistance according to ISO 12944: class C4.
  • Insulation class B.
  • 16mm condensation drainage pipe connection.


  • F7 Grade - A high grade synthetic air filter down to PM2.5 (Particulate Matter), pollen,& mould spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Filters are manufactured to class (EN779) F7, Frames 196x384x40, panel type, PP+PET.
  • Original Blauberg filters to maximise the efficiency of your heat recovery unit.
  • Long life double pleated filter cassettes for better value for money.

Benefits & Features

  • Self-contained, MVHR heat recovery units designed for mounting in a suspended ceiling, void, loft or plant rooms space.
  • Dramatically reduces the effects of mould, condensation, CO2 build up, VOC's, damp air and odours.
  • Supply and extract airflow rate of up to 1666 l/s (6000 m3/hour).
  • Recovers a large percentage of the heat that would otherwise be wasted during conventional ventilation.
  • Full functionality of your heat recovery unit control directly from your smart phone or tablet with a buiit-in wireless router as standard.
  • 5 year Blauberg warranty.
  • Summer bypass allowing you to bypass the heat recovery process in the warmer summer months.
  • Extremely low energy consumption with an SFP (specific fan power) as low as 1.1 w/l/s.
  • Supplied with F7 pollution/allergy filters as standard.
  • Fitted with German Blauberg, low energy EC motors for smooth, silent operation.
  • Eurovent, ERP 2018 and A+ energy rating compliant.
  • Holiday, trickle, boost, and purge speed control options.
  • Optional CO2, VOC, PM (particle matter) and humidity monitoring.
  • Built-in frost protection.
  • Fault and filter change indication as standard.
  • Can be connected to fire alarm, external airflow dampers and cooling equipment.
  • Designer LCD display and WiFi timer switches available as optional extras.

Smart Phone, Tablet and BMS controls and programming

  • Speed switching - select from trickle, boost and purge ventilation speeds.
  • Additional simple manual speed control, boost and timer override functions.
  • 24 hour, 7 day programmable scheduling - set your heat recovery unit to work when you want, how you want.
  • Condensation, humidity and temperature monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Allergy sensing, CO₂, VOC, pollen and airborne particle monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Automatic summer bypass operation to prevent overheating in summer months.
  • Anti frost protection for increased heat recovery efficiency.
  • Filter maintenance alarm.
  • Simple fault finding menu.
  • Control of electric and water pre-heaters and re-heaters and coolers if fitted.
  • Fire alarm connection if fitted.

In engineering mode, every element of the heat recovery units capabilities can be set up, commissioned, adjusted and password protected including the following:

  • Commissioning speed control adjustment of both supply and extract fans on all speeds to meet building regulation airflow rates.
  • No need for separate router for commissioning.
  • Set-point adjustment of humidity, temperature, CO2, VOC, PPM filtration, heating, cooling, filter clogging functions.
  • Link to smart controls for WiFi, router, cloud, Ethernet and RS-485 set up functions.

Technical details
Impeller TypeCentrifugal
Motor TypeEC
Electrical Supply1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Energy RatingERP 2018
Tax ClassTaxable Goods

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