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Civic Ceiling Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Decentralised School Classroom Ventilator - Built-in Controls - CIVIC-EC-DB-300

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Model features
  • Air handling units with heat recovery
  • EC Motor
  • Low level noise
  • Single room air handling units with heat recovery
  • Work in mode extract and inflow
  • For commercial use

  • Single room, localised, ceiling mounting decentralised heat recovery unit specifically designed for schools & civic areas.
  • Demand control using CO2, humidity and temperature to meet compliance regulations.
  • Up to 97% thermal heat recovery efficiency. Recovery nearly all the heat normally extracted.
  • Low running costs with a low SFP down to 0.8 w/l/s.
  • Pollen, pollution, NOx carbon car exhaust fume filter options.

Use this Blauberg BIM object in your project:


  • CIVIC EC DB 300 S25
  • CIVIC EC DBE 300 S25
  • CIVIC EC DBE2 300 S25

Heat Recovery Ventilation In The Classroom

Bad air quality

Insufficient ventilation in school classes, offices, and conference halls results in bad air quality, i.e. high humidity level and CO2 concentration, low oxygen level. That provokes well-known symptoms like dryness and irritation of ocular mucosa, lack of concentration, fatigue.

Bad air quality was proved to be the reason of work capacity reduction by 5-10% for adults. Children are affected even more. Thus bad air quality is one of the factors that impair the success level of children at schools.

High humidity may lead to the growth of mold and germs in a building, which means a risk of asthma and allergy attacks. Quality ventilation is one of the key factors to prevent such diseases. Window ventilation is a standard ventilation solution, but this method has a short effect and it also leads to heat losses.

Window ventilation is not able to solve a problem of high CO2 concentration, which several times exceeds a permissible level. Single-room ventilation, as opposed to window ventilation, provides stable good air quality and saves heat energy.

Problem with heat losses

Reduction of heating costs is one of the main targets to be solved by reconstruction of schools and other public premises. Modern windows and doors are a part of this energy-saving strategy due to their high density. At the same time, airtight premises require efficient ventilation with heat recovery to maintain high air quality with low energy demand.

Limited mounting space for ventilation in reconstructed premises

Reconstruction of old buildings poses many engineering challenges requiring non-standard solutions. The arrangement of an efficient ventilation system is one of such targets. However very often there is not enough space for mounting of air ducts and ventilation in renovated premises. In this case, central ventilation is infeasible. Engineers select single-room ventilation as it offers required ventilation solutions without the need to mount air ducts. It can be installed directly in the room to be ventilated.


The CIVIC EC DB units are designed for single-room ventilation of schools, offices and other public and commercial premises. Offer the ideal simple and efficient ventilation solutions for existing and renovated buildings and require no layout of air ducts.
Efficient supply and extract ventilation for separate premises.EC motors with low energy consumption.Low-noise operation.Simple mounting.


Made of high-quality polymer coated steel, internally lined with heat- and sound insulation of mineral wool or other materials.Available modifications with an integrated preheater and reheater for cold climate applications.

High efficient electronically commutated motors with external motor and impeller with forward curved blades. Such motors are the most state-of-the-art energy saving solution.EC motors are featured with high performance and total speed controllable range. High efficiency reaching 90 % is the premium advantage of the electronically commutated motors.


Supply and extract air is purified by a set of panel filters. Filtering class depends on the unit model.Panel G4 filter is used for extract air filtration.


The units are equipped with a bypass. The bypass damper opens for free cooling ventilation mode in summer.

The CIVIC EC DB S21 units are equipped with an integrated automation system.
The S21 controller allows integrating the unit into the BMS (Building Management System).
The unit can be controlled by the Blauberg AHU mobile application via Wi-Fi.

the Blauberg AHU
app for Android
the Blauberg AHU
app for iOS

The automatic supply and extract air dampers are used to prevent uncontrollable air draughts during the unit standstill.



CIVIC EC DBE and CIVIC EC DBE2 units are equipped with an electric preheater which protects the heat exchanger from freezing.


CIVIC EC DBE2 units feature an electric reheater to raise the supply air temperature.


The CIVIC EC DB unit has a counter-flow heat exchanger made of polystyrene.

In cold season the heat energy of the extract air flow is absorbed by intake air flow, thus decreasing the heat losses caused by ventilation. Condensate generated during heat recovery is collected in a drain pan and removed through the drain pipes to the sewage system.

In warm season the heat of the outdoor air is absorbed by extract air flow. This way the supply air temperature decreases and heat recovery reduces operation loads for the air conditioner.



Unit control via Wi-Fi using the mobile application +
Unit control via remote control panel
S22 control panel (option)
Unit control via remote wireless control panel
S22 Wi-Fi control panel (option)
Unit control via a wired remote LCD control panel
S25 control panel (option)
BMS (Building Management System)  RS-485
Blauberg Cloud Server service +
Speed switch +
Filter replacement indication by filter timer
Alarm indication full alarm description in the mobile application
Week scheduled operation +
Bypass automatic
Timer +
Boost mode +
Fireplace mode +
Freeze protection using cyclical stops of the supply fan
using preheating (option)
Reheater connection option
Cooler connection option
Minimum supply air temperature control +
Humidity control option
CO₂ control option
VOC control option
PM2.5 control option
Fire alarm sensor connection option
Option: the functionality is available when purchasing the appropriate accessory (seethe "Accessories" section)

Cold outside air flows through the filters and heat exchanger and is moved to the room with a supply centrifugal fan.Warm polluted air from the premise flows through the filter and the heat exchanger and is exhausted outside with an extract centrifugal fan.

Technical details
Motor TypeEC
Electrical Supply1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Energy RatingERP 2018
Tax ClassTaxable Goods

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G4 filter FP 270x216x48 G4 FP 325x388x48 G4 FP 480x327x48 G4 2 pcs.
G4 filter FP 270x216x48 G4 FP 325x314x48 G4 FP 480x327x48 G4 2 pcs.
F7 filter - - FP 480x327x48 F7 2 pcs.
F8 filter FP 270x218x48 F8 FP 325x314x48 F8 -
 F8 carbon filter FP 518x270x48 F8 C FP 714x320x48 F8 C -
H11 HEPA filter FP 518x270x48 H11 FP 714x320x48 H11 -
Outer grill VDA 200 CFn Аl VDA 250 CFn Аl VDA 315 CFn Al
Control panel S22 S22 S22
Wi-Fi control panel S22 Wi-Fi S22 Wi-Fi S22 Wi-Fi
LCD Control panel S25 S25 S25
 VOC sensor DPWQ30600 DPWQ30600 DPWQ30600
CO₂ sensor DPWQ40200 DPWQ40200 DPWQ40200
Humidity sensor DPWС11200 DPWС11200 DPWC11200
CO₂ sensor with indication CD-1 CD-1 CD-1
CO₂ sensor CD-2 CD-2 CD-2
Internal humidity sensor FS2 FS2 FS2
Humidity sensor HR-S HR-S HR-S
Syphon kit  SFK 20x32 SFK 20x32 SFK 20x32
Drain pump CP-2 CP-2 CP-2
Civic Ceiling Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Decentralised School Classroom Ventilator - Built-in Controls - CIVIC-EC-DB-300