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Blauberg CleanBox NOx Carbon, Pollution & Pollen Indoor Air Quality Filter Box for Heat Recovery Systems - 150mm

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Model Features:

  • A complete clean air solution for indoor air quality in one box with 150mm 6" diameter duct connections.
  • Filter out air particles & pollen down to PM2.5 and NOx (NO & NO2) from car fumes with replaceable filter cassettes.
  • Supplied with G4 & F8 high capacity pleated cassette filters & a granulated carbon cell cassette filter.
  • Unique, slotted filter casing for easy access to filter cartridges.
  • Conform to EN 779 and helps meet indoor air quality levels conforming to EU Directive 2008/50/EC.
  • German engineered technology.

Blauberg Cleanbox 150 is a three stage filtration system designed specifically for MVHR heat recovery ventilation systems. Significant Nitrogen Dioxide, NOx and pollution can be eliminated when attached to the supply air duct of a heat recovery system entering a building, home or apartment. The first two stages of filtration remove airborne particles down to PM 2.5. The carbon filter is then protected, allowing maximum NOx removal from this third and final air purification stage.

  • Activated virgin carbon granules used which have a significantly higher surface area. Less carbon is needed with a greater capacity to adsorb pollution.
  • Unique hexagonal integral structure that dramatically reduces air pressure drop. This increases airflow capacity and the overall efficient of the heat recovery system.
  • Cleanbox units are significantly smaller in size, easy to install and sensibly priced.
  • G3, F8 and Carbon NOx filters cassettes can be purchased separately. No need to replace the whole unit.

The three stages offer the following filtration and air purification when installed into a heat recovery ventilation system:

  • G4 Grade - A high grade synthetic air pre-filter down to PM10 (Particulate Matter), general dust & airborne pollutants.
  • F8 Grade - A high grade synthetic air filter down to PM2.5 (Particulate Matter), pollen,& mold spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Activated Carbon - NOx, car exhaust fumes and traffic pollution, Nitrogen Dioxide and other airborne gasses and odors.

Blauberg Cleanbox provides the perfect solution for heat recovery ventilation systems introducing clean, filtered air into flats, apartments, houses and offices in built-up areas. In addition, higher levels of heat reclamation can be made by protecting the energy core from dust and airborne particles. A cleaner heat recovery unit means more energy saved.

Designed to fit 150mm standard MVHR supply air duct connections.


For purification of supply air in ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in various premises.Suitable for limited mounting space.Compatible with Ø 100 up to 200 mm round air ducts.

The Clean Box ES is equipped with an electrostatic filter that enables purification of air from fine dust and soot, spray, smoke and other particles with the size of 0.01 microns and less.
Max. filter cleaning efficiency 98 %. The electrostatic filters rely on gravity of oppositely charged objects. The polluted air stream flows through the spray charging unit for the particles ionization. Ionized particles are moved by the airstream and accumulated on the collecting plates which are oppositely charged. Blauberg UK CleanBox

The filter cleaning interval depends on the inlet air pollution density and may vary from 7 up to 21 days. The filter cleaning interval is determined by the visual inspection of the filters.Vacuum cleaning is allowed.


Due to compact design is the ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces, including the space behind false ceiling. Any mounting position. Wall or ceiling mounting with fixing brackets supplied as a standard.


The casing is made of polymer-coated steel. Easy access for filter maintenance.


Built-in filters provide efficient air filtration. Up to three filters can be installed into the casing. G4 filter provides primary filtration. At the second stage, the secondary filter F8 or HEPA filter H13 can be installed. F8 filter arrests up to 98 % of PM2.5 dust particles. H13 filter arrest up to 99 % of PM2.5 dust particles, pollen and bacteria. For additional elimination of odors and gases Quick access to replaceable filters through service panel.

Blauberg CleanBox

Technical details
EAN Number5056194007382
Please choose Size150mm Dia
Duct Connection Size150mm Dia
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Blauberg UK Cleanbox Dimensions

Blauberg UK Cleanbox Filters

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Blauberg CleanBox MVHR NOx, Carbon, Pollution & Pollen Indoor Air Quality Filter Box - 150mm - CLEANBOX 150-G4-F8-CARBON