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Blauberg Vento Duo-Air Continuous Decentralised d-MVHR Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Unit with Smart WiFi Control

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Model Features:

  • Vento Duo-Air is a highly efficient Single Room Heat Recovery Unit.
  • Effective single room humidity, mold, condensation and co2 control.
  • Units can be connected via WiFi to other units to provide a whole house MVHR solution.
  • Positive input, continual extract, trickle, boost and purge ventilation options.
  • Part of the Blauberg Mini-Air, Midi-Air, Mini-Air & Duo-Air range of room heat recovery ventilators.

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Blauberg Vento ventilators are a highly versatile range of wall mounted heat recovery units. Vento ventilation units can operate individually as single room heat recovery units or collectively, via WiFi communication to provide a whole house ventilation solution. In addition, Vento units can also operate as intermittent extractor fans, positive input ventilation units or continually operating, decentralised mechanical extract ventilators.

The four different Vento models; Maxi, Midi, Mini & Duo are specifically designed for different rooms in your house and sized in relation to their respective airflow, humidity and noise levels requirements. Blauberg Vento units will provide a localised damp, humidity and condensation solution while achieving sufficient levels of ventilation automatically. Up to 93% of heat can be recovered that would normally be wasted when traditional extractor fans are used.

Vento Duo-Air Units working with other Vento Mini, Mid, Maxi-Air Vnetilators to provide a whole house, de-centralised heat recovery ventilation solution.

Full control of individual units, or as a connected MVHR system, is operated via your smart phone or tablet. The Blauberg app can be easily downloaded giving full control of speed, humidity, manual override, sensor and timer options. Each unit also has localised simple controls for manually overriding automatic features and shutting the heat recovery units off when not required.

Arrangement of balanced energy saving, supply and exhaust, single-room ventilation in kitchen, bathroom and utility room. Reducing heat losses caused by ventilation due to heat recovery. Humidity balance and controllable air exchange create individually controlled microclimate. Wi-Fi data exchange between several single-room ventilation units for coordinated operation. Controlled by Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

One of the best heat recovery on the market due to innovative hexagonal structure of the heat exchanger cells. Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless communication between units and Android or iOS device control.
Unit control via smartphone or tablet application. The units can be connected by Wi-Fi for synchronized operation. House ventilation control via cloud service from anywhere in the world.
Connection to smart house or Building Management System (BMS) via Wi-Fi.
Blauberg Vento V.2 app for Android or iOS devices is available at Google Play and App Store.
Vento Expert Duo either can operate as independent unit or can be connected with other units in a house and controlled with a master unit. In this case, only the master unit receives a signal from the remote control. Control of the unit operation mode is also performed by means of the sensor control panel located on the unit casing or the remote control.

Vento Expert is equipped with a humidity sensor for indoor humidity control. If humidity increases above a set point, the unit boosts to the speed III.

To increase the efficiency of the Vento Expert Duo, the regenerator is divided into two parts, which are isolated from one another, thus eliminating the transfer of heat and moisture between them.One of the fans operates in the supply mode: fresh cold intake air from outside flows through the first regenerator, and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity. At the same time, the other fan operates in the exhaust mode: warm stale air is extracted from the room to the outside, and while passing through the other regenerator, gradually heats it up and transfers some of the moisture. After 70 seconds operation the fans change the rotation direction and opposite processes start.

Vento Expert units should be installed in the living room and bedrooms while Vento Expert Duo units should be installed in kitchen, bathrooms and utility room.

The unit is designed for through-the-wall installation inside a prepared hole in an outer wall of the building.

Technical details
Motor TypeDC
Electrical Supply1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Control OptionsWifi
Energy RatingERP 2018
Tax ClassTaxable Goods
Delivery Lead TimeNormal

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