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Komfort Vertically Mounted MVHR Mechanical Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery - KOMFORT-EC-SB-250

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Model Features:

  • medium sized whole house MVHR heat recovery unit with summer bypass and purge options.
  • Designed for all house, flat & apartment sizes with rates up to 81 l/s (290 m3/hour) & built-in summer bypass..
  • Control everything from your tablet, iPhone, smart control with built-in WiFi router.
  • Highly efficient G4 & F7 pollen, allergy and hay fever filters fitted as standard.
  • Virtually silent continual operation with 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

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Blauberg Heat Recovery Ventilation Kits are designed to take the hassle out of selecting, installing and operating an MVHR system. Our aim is to provide you with everything you need to install a highly effective, energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system.

New for 2019 is, our updated Komfort EC SB 250 heat recovery unit with smart home control system. This substantial upgrade enables you to program and control your indoor air quality from your smart phone or ipad using wifi or from anywhere in the world with a built-in smart hub. All Blauberg EC SB 250 heat recovery units are now fitted with a built-in wireless router offering not just simple operation and control but full Modbus connectivity to any compatible building management system.

Our MVHR units and kits are designed for every kind of project from, retrofit installations or self-build projects to large, multi-dwelling developments.

Main Features
  • A complete Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit for your home.
  • Suitable for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, flats and houses.
  • MVHR unit, built-in WiFi controls, duct, grilles and ancillaries included.
  • Free technical advice phone line to qualified heat recovery experts.
  • 5 year Blauberg warranty on all equipment supplied.

Kit List

  • Blauberg Komfort EC SB-250 Heat Recovery Unit.
  • Built-in router to enable wifi control from any smart phone, tablet or building management system.
  • Push-fit semi-rigid duct system with supply & extract manifold distribution boxes.
  • PVC rigid ducting for manifold and termination connection.
  • Stainless steel external extract and supply vents.
  • Plenum boxes & adjustable ceiling mounted air valves finished in brilliant white.

Focused Description

  • Self-contained, MVHR ,whole house heat recovery unit, designed for mounting in a loft or cupboard space.
  • Provides a balanced supply of fresh, filtered, heat recovered air to the living areas, whilst simultaneously extracting stale, moist, odorous air from "wet" rooms.
  • Dramatically reduces the effects of mould, condensation, CO2 build up, VOC's, damp air and odours.
  • Supply and extract airflow rate of up to 81 l/s (290 m3/hour).
  • Recovers a large percentage of the heat that would otherwise be wasted during conventional ventilation.
  • Full functionality of your heat recovery unit control directly from your smart phone or tablet with a buiit-in wireless router as standard.
  • 5 year Blauberg warranty.
  • Summer bypass allowing you to bypass the heat recovery process in the warmer summer months.
  • Dual configuration options (can be mounted left or right-handed).
  • Extremely low energy consumption with an SFP (specific fan power) as low as 0.60 w/l/s.
  • Supplied with G4 & F7 pollution/allergy filters as standard.
  • Fitted with German, Blauberg, low energy EC motors for smooth, silent operation.
  • ERP 2016, 2018 and A+ energy rating compliant.
  • Holiday, trickle, boost, and purge speed control options.
  • Independent BRE SAP Appendix Q listed (PCDB).
  • Optional CO2, VOC, PM (particle matter) and humidity monitoring.
  • Built-in frost protection.
  • Fault and filter change indication as standard.
  • Can be connected to fire alarm, external airflow dampers and cooling equipment.
  • Designer LCD display and WiFi timer switches available as optional extras.

Smart Phone, Tablet and BMS controls and programming

  • Additional simple manual speed control, boost and timer override functions.
  • 24 hour, 7 day programmable scheduling - set your heat recovery unit to work when you want, how you want.
  • Condensation, humidity and temperature monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Allergy sensing, CO₂, VOC, pollen and airborne particle monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Automatic summer bypass operation to prevent overheating in summer months.
  • Anti frost protection for increased heat recovery efficiency.
  • Filter maintainance alarm.
  • Simple fault finding menu.
  • Control of electric and water pre-heaters and re-heaters and coolers if fitted.
  • Fire alarm connection if fitted.

In engineering mode, every element of the heat recovery unit's capabilities can be set up, commissioned, adjusted and password protected including the following:

  • Commissioning speed control adjustment of both supply and extract fans on all speeds to meet building regulation airflow rates. No need for separate router for commissioning.
  • Set-point adjustment of humidity, temperature, CO2, VOC, PPM filtration, heating, cooling, filter clogging functions.
  • Link to smart controls for WiFi, router, cloud, Ethernet and RS-485 set up functions.
FEATURES Blauberg Komfort EC SB-250 Heat Recovery Unit

Air handling units for efficient energy saving supply and exhaust ventilation in flats, houses, cottages and other premises.Heat and humidity recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses during cold season and reduces air conditioner load during hot season.Controllable air exchange for creating the best suitable indoor microclimate.Compatible with round Ø125, 160 or 200 mm air ducts.


The casing is made of double-skinned polymer-coated steel panels, internally filled with mineral wool layer.The spigots are located at the top of the unit and are rubber sealed for airtight connection to the air ducts.Depending on the unit model, the units may be equipped either with a hinged service panel to enable convenient access for maintenance operations or with a separate door for quick access to filters KOMFORT EC S(B)250(-E) S11.

The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades.EC motors have the best power consumption to air capacity ratio and meet the latest demands concerning energy saving and high-efficient ventilation.EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and optimum control across the entire speed range.The impellers are dynamically balanced.


Two built-in G4 and F7 filters provide efficient supply air filtration. The G4 filter is used for extract air filtration.Supply air in the KOMFORT EC S(B)250 units is purified by the G4 and F7 filters. The G4 filter is used for extract air cleaning.

Blauberg Komfort EC SB-250 Heat Recovery Unit

The KOMFORT EC S(B) unit is equipped with a plate counter-flow polystyrene heat exchanger for heat recovery. In the unit condensate is collected and drained to the drain pan under the heat exchanger.The KOMFORT EC S(B) unit is equipped with an enthalpy plate counter-flow heat exchanger for energy (heat and humidity) recovery. Due to humidity recovery condensate is not generated in the enthalpy heat exchanger.

Blauberg Komfort EC SB-250 Heat Recovery Unit

The air flows are completely separated in the heat exchanger. The smells and contaminants are not transferred from the extract air to the supply air.Heat recovery is based on heat and/or humidity transfer through the heat exchanger plates. In the cold season supply air is heated in the heat exchanger by transferring the heat energy of warm and humid extract air to the cold fresh air. Heat recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses and heating costs respectively.In the warm season the heat exchanger performs reverse and intake air is cooled in the heat exchanger by the cool extract air. That reduces operation load on air conditioners and saves electricity.When the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is insignificant, heat recovery is not reasonable. In this case the heat exchanger can be temporary replaced with a summer block for the warm season (available as a specially ordered accessory).


The integrated automatic freeze protection is used to prevent freezing of the heat exchanger in the cold season. The supply fan turns off according to the temperature sensor to get the heat exchanger warmed up with extract air. After that the supply fan turns on and the unit continues to run in the standard mode.

  • Activating/deactivating the unit.
  • Setting required supply and extract fan speed for the unit air flow control. Each speed is individually adjusted during set-up.
  • Bypass damper opening / closing for summer ventilation.
  • Setting and maintaining room or duct air temperature.
  • Timer turning on/off and timer operation adjustment.
  • Setting day- and week-scheduled operation of the unit.
  • Operation control on feedback from FS1 duct humidity sensor (to be ordered separately) or from the humidity sensor in the control panel.
  • Filter clogging indication by motor meter.
  • System shutdown on signal from a fire alarm panel.
  • Controlling supply and exhaust air dampers (to be ordered separately).
  • Alarm indication with an error code indication.
  • Cooler control (to be ordered separately).

The KOMFORT EC SB ... (-E ) units are equipped with a 100 % bypass for summer ventilation (air cooling by the cool air from outside).


The units can be fixed to the wall or mounted on the floor using the mounting brackets.While mounting provide free access to the service panel for filter replacement and servicing.Due to universal casing design both left and right mounting is possible. It requires swapping the service and the back panel.

Technical details
EAN Number5056194010009
Motor TypeEC
Electrical Supply1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size160mm Dia
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP X4
Control OptionsWifi
Energy RatingERP 2018
Tax ClassTaxable Goods

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Model Dimensions [mm]
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KOMFORT EC SB 250 160 18 489 788 881 567
SB 250
G4 panel filter FP 417x200x18 G4
F7 panel filter FP 417x184x18 F7
Internal humidity sensor FS1
Electric preheater EVH 160
Syphon kit (for the units without an enthalpy heat exchanger) SFK 20x32
Air damper VKA 160
Electric actuator LF230
Summer block
Komfort Vertically Mounted MVHR Mechanical Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery - KOMFORT-EC-SB-250