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Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilation Units

Welcome to our huge range of commercial heat recovery units specifically designed schools, civic buildings, offices and leisure retail spaces. We have a large range of horizontal and vertical MVHR units for internal and external mounting.

Check our our new range of Blauair slimline commercial units that are low profile for mounting above suspended ceilings and tight void spaces. The CFP range have ultra low specific fan power (SFP) levels while maintaining high thermal efficiency.

All of our Blauair heat recovery units have built in plug & play controls, BMS interface and a large range of sensor options.

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  • High Thermal Efficiency Air Handling Unit Low Noise Commercial Heat Recovery Unit

    Exc. VAT £3,980.51 Inc. VAT £4,776.61
  • Heat Recovery Unit Commercial AHU BMS Controls Low Carbon Ventilation with Summer Bypass Compact Vertical Mounting

    Exc. VAT £3,888.47 Inc. VAT £4,666.16
  • Compact Vertical Mounting Commercial MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Efficient Air Handling Unit

    Exc. VAT £4,912.36 Inc. VAT £5,894.83
  • Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit MVHR Horizontal Thermal Wheel High Efficiency Low SFP

    Exc. VAT £4,555.72 Inc. VAT £5,466.87
  • Blauberg EC DB MVHR Slimline Low Profile Ceiling Void Mounted Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

    Exc. VAT £1,262.61 Inc. VAT £1,515.13
  • Blauair ERV EC DB Horizontal Slimline Ceiling Mounted Energy Recovery Unit

    Exc. VAT £1,101.57 Inc. VAT £1,321.88
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit EC DE Horizontal Slimline Ceiling Mounted MVHR with Electric Heater Battery

    Exc. VAT £2,326.07 Inc. VAT £2,791.28
  • Low Noise MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation System Ventilator Fan with Wifi App Control and Built-in Router

    Exc. VAT £1,289.58 Inc. VAT £1,547.50

8 Item(s)

per page