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Blauberg Aeris-Mini Eco-Ventilator - Self Contained Humidity Controlled Fresh Air Supply & Extract Air Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery Recycling - Acoustic External Vent

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  • Blauberg Aeris Eco-Ventilator is a highly efficient ventilation unit that provides higher levels of indoor air quality while recycling heat normally waisted with traditional extractor fans.
  • Add fresh, filtered air into your home, extract stale moist air and save money by recycling up to 81% heat and energy.
  • Silently ventilate your whole house and reduce your heating costs at the same time.
  • Each Aeris Eco-Ventilator only costs 2w of electricity to recycle up to 81% of the heat it can recycle. Not only does this ensure a net energy gain, but the upfront costs can also be reclaimed much sooner than any other energy-efficient investment.
  • Supplied with remote controller and external acoustic noise-reducing wall vent in different colour options.

Recovering lost heat by using ventilation is becoming popular, as the world moves towards a green future.

Blauberg Aeris Eco-Ventilator Heat Recovery Unit


Recycling heat from Eco-Ventilators is growing fast and homeowners have already saved £££’s while fighting climate change.

Heat recycling ventilation is affordable, and installation is quick & easy.

  • Are you looking to improve the air quality in your home and save money recovering the heat?
  • Do you want to reduce condensation, mold, and high humidity problems in your home?
  • Have you upgraded the insulation in your house and need to improve your ventilation?
  • Have you invested in more efficient heating systems such as an air source heat pump and don’t want to waste heat with a traditional ventilation system?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then please read on.

Single Room Heat Recovery Unit for the whole house


Blauberg Aeris Eco-Ventilators are highly efficient wall-mounted ventilation units that extract dirty air from within a room, recycle the heat, and supply fresh, filtered air back into your home.

  • Provide constant extract & supply air up to 30 m3/hour (8 l/s).
  • Stylish contemporary flush-fit design that would fit into any modern home.
  • Recycles up to 81% of the heat, normally wasted with conventional extractor fans.
  • Extremely low running costs with energy consumption down to 1.8w per unit.
  • Silent running - night time mode from 21 dB(A) noise level.
  • Supplied with remote control.
  • Acoustic external wall vent that dampens external noise and drafts.
  • Prevents condensation, mold, and humidity control for every room in your home. 

Single Room Heat Recovery Unit for the whole house

Blauberg Aeris Eco-Ventilators are essential for providing compliant levels of indoor air quality for new build houses, or when ventilating an existing house. Recycling the heat that is traditionally wasted using traditional extractors is essential, especially if your house is insulated, airtight, or built to a high level of energy efficiency.

Single Room Heat Recovery Unit for the whole house


When using energy-efficient gas boilers, air-source heat pumps, or other environmentally friendly solutions to reduce your energy consumption, Blauberg Aeris-Mini Eco-Ventilators provide improved levels of air quality without wasting precious heat.

  • Low initial outlay. Typically each unit costs less than £200 each to buy.
  • Easy and simple to install, no pipes, ducting or expensive installation costs. A small 100mm dia hole is all that is required along with simple electrical wiring.
  • Less than 0.03p per hour running cost, per unit (15p kw/h tariff).
  • Overall costs are typically recovered in less than four years.



Easy Heat Recovery Controls
  • Remote Control.
  • Recycle Heat Mode.
  • Low/Medium/High Speed Options.
  • Supply or Extract Air Mode.
  • Timer.
  • On/Off/Standby Mode.
  • Change Filter & Fault Alarm.
  • Connect to your lighting circuit for light switch operation.
  • Connect to an external temperature, humidity, CO2 or air quality sensor.




Blauberg Aeris-Mini Eco-Ventilators will silently operate in any room of your home, including bedrooms & quiet rooms.

An energy-efficient DC motor, connected to an airflow impeller works silently to balance temperature, humidity, and airflow rate.

Stale, moist air is gently extracted and heat is absorbed by the recycling core within the Eco-Ventilator.

The Aeris-Mini Eco-Ventilator then reverses, collects the recycled heat, and supplies fresh air back into the room.











heat recovery wall vent external vents white brown terracotta Cotswold stone black


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Blauberg Aeris-Mini Eco-Ventilator - Self Contained Humidity Controlled Fresh Air Supply & Extract Air Ventilation Unit with Heat Recovery Recycling - Acoustic External Vent