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Free MVHR Design for Architects, Designers & House Builders

Free MVHR Design for Architects, Designers & House Builders

Free MVHR Design for Architects, Designers & House Builders

Designing airtight houses has driven heat recovery ventilation, centre stage and Blauberg can help you, the designer, navigate the complexities of including ventilation into a modern airtight building.

So, until the end of March 2021, Blauberg are offering free ventilation designs to architects, consultants, specifiers, and house builders. This will not only ensure you have all the essential bases covered when incorporating heat recovery ventilation into your design, it will help your guard against the biggest pit falls often overlooked, such as noise, equipment positioning and installation problems.

Weather you are trying to incorporate MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) for the first time, or have had bad experiences in the past, there are some fundamental ‘do’s and dont's’ to ensure you are making the right choices. Blauberg's ventilation, mvhr and extractor fan design packages will ensure that all aspects of compliance, efficiency and equipment selection are catered for.

Recent events, mainly fuelled by COVID-19, and energy efficiency regulation, have fast tracked ventilation to the forefront of any building design. It is now essential to have heat recovery ventilation incorporated into your design if you are going to deliver an airtight house. It is also essential to improve the air quality inside a building to control heat, humidity, pollution, co2 build up and now the new, largest threat; viruses.

House owners’ expectations are also higher when it comes to creature comforts, and ventilation is no exception. Pollution, condensation, mould, allergies, and general poor air quality are all now considered as essential requirements, often alongside, open plan spaces, wood burning stoves and designer kitchens.

  • Free! Until the end of March 2021 (normal price £249.99 per design).
  • Complete design package from concept to completion.
  • Access to your own specialist and certified heat recovery ventilation design engineer.
  • Full technical package including drawings, airflow calculations, energy savings and system evaluation.
  • Expert advise on the best system for your needs: airflow requirements, heating, filtration and controls.
  • Every design is guaranteed to meet Building Regulations.
  • Full price of this package is redeemed when you purchase your designed Mechanical Extract Ventilation System.

Correct MVHR design is not always about the obvious

blauberg mvhr design mechanical ventilation with heat recovery 

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