• Horizonally mounting supply & extract heat recovery unit.
  • Supplied with plug & Play controls built-in.
  • Fitted with German Blauberg low energy EC motors.
  • ERP 2018 compliant and A+ energy rated.
  • Highly efficient counter flow heat recovery core.

Heat Recovery Exchanger

  • Heat exhanger Counterflow aluminum plate heat exchanger.
  • Eurovent certified heat recovery efficiency.
  • Removable drain pans on both supply and extract.
  • Automatic full-size summer by-pass.

Supply & Extraxct Fans

  • Supplied with German EC fans.
  • Backward curved impeller.
  • Phase/voltage [50/60Hz/VAC] ~1, 200/277.
  • Insulation class B.
  • Motor protection class IP 54.

Unit Casing

  • Double skin frameless casing with 40 mm mineral wool 90 kg/m3; non-flammable; outer skin: zinc-aluminum; inner skin: zincaluminum;
  • Manufactured to EN1886 class: D1, T2, TB2; corrosion resistance according to ISO 12944: class C4.
  • Insulation class B.
  • 16mm condensation drainage pipe connection.


  • F7 Grade - A high grade synthetic air filter down to PM2.5 (Particulate Matter), pollen,& mould spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Filters are manufactured to class (EN779) F7, Frames 196x384x40, panel type, PP+PET.
  • Original Blauberg filters to maximise the efficiency of your heat recovery unit.
  • Long life double pleated filter cassettes for better value for money.


Control system features advanced functions that can be activated based on the devices installed on the air handling unit:

  • Coils management: water heater, water cooler, direct expansion, cooler/heater coil;
  • Fans management: 3 speed setup, air pressure control, airflow control.
  • Heat recovery.
  • Temperature and/or humidity control.
  • Automatic summer/winter (cooling/heating) changeover.
  • Operation in comfort, pre-comfort or economy mode.
  • Selection of up to four daily time bands, with settings for each operating modes.
  • Holiday and special day function, with reduced set point.
  • Air quality control with optional CO2/IAQ probe.
  • Priority to temperature or humidity control, by room/supply/extract sensors.
  • Safety protectors for antifreeze, dirty filters, smoke/fire, no air or water low, inverter alarm.
  • Parameter settings divided by level, user, installer or manufacturer, with password-protected access.
  • Manual functioning mode.
  • Supervisor protocol: Modbus slave build-in, Bacnet built-in.
  • Free cooling and free heating.
  • Pump management, overload alarms and anti-blocking for each pump.
  • WEB-interface via integrated Ethernet port.
Technical details
EAN Number5056194002660
Impeller TypeCentrifugal
Motor TypeEC
Please choose Size1500 m3/hour
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP 34
Control OptionsNo Heater
Energy RatingERP 2018
Tax ClassTaxable Goods
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