100mm External Wall Mount Acoustic Draft Excluding Shutterless Vent Cover Brown

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Unveil the Elegance of Blauberg AH-10 Dark Brown External Wall Vent for 100mm Ducts

Transform your ventilation system with the Blauberg AH-10 external wall vent in dark brown, meticulously crafted for 100mm duct connections. This vent is a blend of classic charm and modern functionality, ideal for adding a touch of timeless elegance to any building exterior.

Key Features:

Tailored for 100mm Duct Connections: The Blauberg AH-10 in dark brown is designed to seamlessly integrate with 100mm diameter ducts, providing a perfect fit and efficient airflow for your ventilation needs.

Classic Dark Brown Finish: The rich dark brown hue of this vent adds a warm, traditional look to your property's exterior, making it an excellent match for both rustic and contemporary architectural styles.

Superior Noise Reduction Capabilities: Equipped with advanced sound-absorbing lining, the vent effectively cuts down on external and internal noise, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Optimal Airflow for Various Systems: Whether it's for air intake in MVHR, PIV, and MEV systems, or as an air extract vent for kitchen and bathroom units, this vent ensures efficient and controlled airflow.

Durable and Weatherproof: Constructed with robust materials and UV protection, the AH-10 vent is built to withstand diverse weather conditions, preserving its look and functionality over time.

Easy Maintenance and Condensation Management: Featuring a discreet drip tray to prevent water damage to walls and windows, and a removable hood for effortless cleaning.

Enhance Your Property with a Functional Aesthetic Touch

The Blauberg AH-10 in dark brown, suitable for 100mm ducts, is not just a utilitarian accessory but a stylish addition to your property. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of aesthetic appeal and high-quality ventilation.

Choose the Blauberg AH-10 in dark brown for a sophisticated and effective ventilation solution. It seamlessly complements your building's exterior while delivering outstanding performance and noise control.

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