Ventilation for car parks.

Ventilation for car parks.

Ventilation for parking premises.

Ensure clean air and a safe environment with Blauberg car park ventilation systems

According to studies, smoke inhalation causes up to 80% of mortalities during a fire, so it’s crucial that car parks have a powerful and reliable ventilation solution.

In safety-critical situations, Blauberg’s ventilation systems extract and direct smoke out of car parks, to ensure a safe evacuation route and clear entry for firefighters.

Yet, car park ventilation isn’t only for smoke extraction during a fire.

With limited space for open-air car parks, parking is now available in enclosed or semi-open facilities, both of which require mechanical ventilation solutions.

With this in mind, Blauberg systems are multifunctional. They actively extract pollutants and introduce fresh air into car parks, to prevent the build-up of harmful vapours and combustible gases. Whether you’re maintaining a healthy, breathable environment for motorists or extracting smoke to provide an evacuation route, Blauberg can provide products according to your specification.

Blauberg offers two types of fans: jet-axial fans and induction centrifugal fans.

We work closely with fire safety engineers who take into consideration your floor plans, selected fans and your building’s design to predict, using CFD modelling software, the movement of smoke and to ensure your ventilation system achieves sufficient safety measures and clear evacuation routes in accordance with building regulations. This ensures you have the best ventilation solution for your building.

Blauberg jet-axial systems

Jet-axial systems are designed for general-purpose ventilation and smoke extraction in the event of fires, in spaces such as in underground and semi-open parking, and in tunnels. Our Axis-Jet fans are used in combination with axial extractor fans, to form a cohesive smoke extraction system.

This system can contain or direct smoke out of enclosed facilities, like car parks, in order to promote a clear evacuation route and entry for firefighters. In continuous operation, jet axial fans can handle environmental temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius. When in smoke extraction mode, they can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees celsius for 2 hours.

Jet-axial systems require no ductwork, therefore the involved mounting expenses are reduced. Added to that, maintenance costs are therefore lowered by 35-40% (compared to traditional ventilation systems) since there is no lengthy ductwork to clean.

Induction centrifugal systems

Induction centrifugal systems are also designed for general-purpose ventilation in underground and semi-open car parks. Centrifugal systems are typically used for more localised smoke extraction, for example, the removal of smoke in a stairwell.

Due to the low profile design, the Centro-Jet is recommended for low ceilings. The Centro-Jet also benefits from a high thrust output due to its centrifugal impeller. These fans can be manufactured in line with your fire resistance requirements.

Our Centro-Jet, like the Axis Jet, requires no ductwork, reducing maintenance costs and removing the need for complex ducting planning.

Why choose Blauberg?

Quality manufacturing

Our parking ventilation lives up to Blauberg’s reputation of providing high-quality, German-engineered products. All fans are powered by German motors, have a motor ingress protection rating of IP55 and are encased in polymer-coated steel.


Blauberg’s car park ventilation is designed with efficiency in mind to reduce running costs.

Low maintenance

Our ductless fans reduce the complexity of system planning and take away the need for annual ducting maintenance.

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