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Our centralised heat recovery units are a modern and efficient way to mechanically ventilate your home, prevent the buildup of common problems such as damp and mould, and improve the air quality in your home.

MVHR systems work by extracting stale warm air from your home and passing it through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers this heat to the fresh air from outside and it’s supplied into your house as filtered, warm air, therefore reducing heat loss associated with traditional ventilation. Heat recovery ventilators are far more efficient than their other mechanical counterparts.

Centralised MVHR is achieved by the installation of an MVHR air handling unit in a cupboard space or loft, which is connected via ducts to air vents throughout your home.

These vents are discreet and modern in design, our range of designer frameless vents fit flush to ceilings and walls and are paintable.

The advantages of centralised MVHR systems for your home are plentiful. From decreasing CO2 levels which can lead to headaches and drowsiness to filtering out harmful particulate matter, VOCs and humidity.

Not only does MVHR benefit your health but it also prevents costly damage to your home such as the buildup of damp and mould, which can destroy walls, ceilings and floors.

Blauberg’s centralised MVHR kits are silent during daily operation, with extremely low noise levels compared to traditional ventilation systems and other types of heat recovery ventilators on the market.

This means you can carry on as usual, whilst Blauberg’s domestic solution silently filters your air, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, clean air.

Added to this, due to high levels of heat recovery, you can reduce your energy bills, as Blauberg’s domestic MVHR kits prevent you from experiencing dramatic heat loss when ventilating your home due to our heat recovery technology.

Blauberg offers a range of centralised domestic MVHR solutions tailored to your space and airflow requirements. For an accurate quote, one-to-one consultation and the best possible solution, opt for our Design Package.

For all other queries, please contact us here.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for single-room or decentralised ventilation, click here.

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