Continually Running Ventilation

Continually Running Ventilation

Continually Running Ventilation

Continous-running extractor fans are becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in air tightness of buildings, as well as Part F of Building Regulations stipulating the need for adequate ventilation in properties.

What’s the difference between continuous-running extract fans and intermittent extract fans?

When extractor fans are continually running, they are operating all of the time, regardless of the indoor air quality. Intermittent fans will switch off when not needed, such as when pollutants or humidity have been removed.

Continually running extractor fans are often chosen over other forms of extract ventilation because they are energy efficient, as they run at a low level all of the time, and this avoids a high buildup of indoor pollutants within properties.

Continuous running extract fans can mitigate the risk of damp and mould forming in properties, which avoids further consequences such as structural damage and harmful health effects.

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