MVHR Room Mounted Vents for Passivhaus Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

MVHR Room Mounted Vents for Passivhaus Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Blauberg MVHR - Frameless Wall & Ceiling Vents

When considering an MVHR ventilation, the choice of internal air vents for Passivhaus projects has not only been limited, but, nearly always, a compromise. Now, Blauberg have a range of air terminal vents, that not only follow the tradition of Passivhaus principles at the design stage, they are stunningly beautiful, completely versatile, with a wide range of options. In short, the perfect synergy in meeting Passivhaus design criteria, while maintaining high standards of interior design.

Blauberg MVHR-Vents can be mounted on walls and ceilings and are made from Gypsum. They create a durable bond with the surrounding plasterboard and can be painted and finished exactly the same as the surrounding area. No seams, no frame and no cracks. This natural finish allows the to be painted any colour; natural white's to blend into any ceiling or specific colours to complement accent walls or colour coordination.

Weather you are looking for a modern contemorary design, or a classic look, Blauberg-Circle provides the ideal solution to seemlessly enhance the visible element of your ventilation system.

Mount in the ceiling of any room, they serve as either a supply or extract grille when connected to your heat recovery ventilation system. Avaiabile in an assortment of sizes with circular connection that fit directly to standard duct systems.

Simply cut into your drywall ceiling, patch with plaster, make good and paint.

Wall, Ceiling, Square, Round or Slot Diffuser?

Depending on your ventilation design, visual preferance or interior design, Blauberg MVHR Framless Vents have a solution.

  • MVHR-ROUND-CEILNG - circular ceiling mounted
  • MVHR-ROUND-CEILNG - square ceiling mounted
  • MVHR-ROUND-WALL - circular wall mounted
  • MVHR-SQUARE-WALL - square wall mounted
  • MVHR-SLOT-CEILNG - linear slot diffusers ceiling mounted

Why are Blauberg MVHR Vents Suitable for Passivhaus?

Along with eligent looks, Blauberg's framless diffusers also boast impressive technical statistics. As every Passivhaus design is unique, and every room in a Passivhaus requires different environmental considerations, it is important to choose the correct air terminal grilles for each project.

When selecting supply and extract grilles for any Passivhaus heat recovery ventilation system, important factors like airflow, noise and draughts all need to be factored in at the design stage. Not only to meet Passivhaus Certification standards, but to also ensure that high quality conditioned air is delivered silently and effectively.

Meeting Passivhaus Low Noise Requirements

Regarding sound, air terminal devices are often overlooked but selecting the correct air terminal size, airflow speed and flow is critical to ensure that stirct Passivhaus low noise levels are met when desiging a ventilation system.

Each Blauberg MVHR framless grille has individual sound charts to help calculate the correct vent is selected for each room.

Each chart shows dB noise levels at different airflow rates. Separate graphs are provided for each grille when used for both air intake and extract positions.

In a Passivhaus, noise levels must not exceed 25 dB(A) in living spaces and 35 dB(A) in bathrooms.

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