Square Flush Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent Heat Recovery Diffuser

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Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille

Product Description:

Experience the epitome of sophistication and functionality with our Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille. This exquisite wall-mounted square air vent grille redefines ventilation aesthetics and performance, making it the perfect choice for ducted ventilation, advanced MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, and high-end Passivhaus projects. Crafted predominantly from gypsum plaster, this grille showcases a natural finish that can be impeccably customized to match any color palette. It effortlessly harmonizes with minimalist walls or acts as a captivating accent piece, effortlessly combining style and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Unmistakable Elegance: The Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille seamlessly marries technical finesse with captivating aesthetics. By opting for wall-mounted ventilation diffusers, you gain not only design flexibility but also the ability to elevate the overall atmosphere.

  • Tailored Design: Fashioned primarily from gypsum plaster, this vent grille can be adorned with any color, aligning with your interior design vision or seamlessly merging with your contemporary decor.

  • Seamless Integration: Constructed from the same material as your plasterboard walls, this vent grille delivers a flawless finish without unsightly cracks, lines, or edges. Installation is a straightforward process: carve into your wall, address plastering needs, apply the chosen paint, and your masterpiece is complete.

  • Versatility Meets Opulence: Whether your project is residential, commercial, or designed for any other setting, this vent grille effortlessly embodies both versatility and refinement.

  • Technical Excellence: Supported by precise technical airflow and noise data, this grille ensures an impeccable selection that translates into exceptional performance.


Blauberg's Frameless ventilation wall vents strike an impeccable balance between technical prowess and aesthetic allure. Often overlooked, wall-mounted square air vent grilles offer remarkable placement flexibility within homes and offices while amplifying the overall ambiance.

Much like their ceiling-mounted counterparts, this vent grille is primarily fashioned from gypsum plaster, enabling you to adorn it with any color that complements your interior design or seamlessly integrates with your contemporary decor. The outcome is a clean and sophisticated aesthetic that enhances the visual appeal of your space.

The installation process is a breeze—simply carve into your wall, address plastering needs, apply paint, and you're set. The result is a seamless fusion with your wall, leaving no traces of visible cracks, lines, or edges.

How Do Blauberg Square MVHR Vents Operate?

Designed for incorporation into ventilation systems necessitating ceiling-mounted vents, this vent grille is the quintessential choice for supplying fresh, filtered air to living spaces, offices, communal areas, or extracting excess humidity from kitchens, restrooms, offices, and wet rooms.

Commonly employed in heat recovery ventilation systems, this square wall vent grille can be effortlessly installed in diverse environments, including residences, office complexes, educational institutions, and civic structures. Equipped with a commissioning damper, it allows you to fine-tune airflow to your precise preferences while serving as an efficient noise silencer, reducing disturbances in noise-sensitive zones.

Comprehensive technical information for the Blauberg Square Vent is readily accessible, empowering you to meticulously calculate airflow, factor in noise considerations, and optimize ventilation effectiveness. Furthermore, BIM (Building Information Model) models and families are at your disposal for seamless integration into your CAD drawings.

Suitability for Passivhaus Projects:

While the Passivhaus PHPP software may not explicitly account for air vent diffuser elements, this vent grille has proven its mettle in high-performance buildings and Passivhaus projects. Thoughtful selection, strategic placement, precise commissioning, and meticulous adjustment of supply and extract grilles can significantly augment the thermal efficiency of MVHR systems.

Delve into Blauberg's technical data during the design phase to ensure judicious choices. For instance, a properly sized supply air diffuser can alleviate pressure drop, translating into energy conservation and enhanced heat recovery proficiency. Moreover, the commissioning damper can effectively maintain noise levels within stringent thresholds, potentially obviating the need for cross-talk silencers.

Elevate your interior spaces with the Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille—a testament to the union of form and function that effortlessly aligns with the highest standards of design and performance.

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