Domestic MVHR systems for architects to meet project requirements.

Domestic MVHR systems for architects to meet project requirements.

Architect or consultant? Upload your floor plan and our ventilation experts will advise on the rest.

Meeting ventilation requirements without disrupting design.

At Blauberg we’ve designed a range of MVHR systems that blend seamlessly into any domestic setting and offer some of the most efficient solutions on the market

From our revolutionary decentralised Vento units to our centralised Komfort EC SB range with frameless vents, we offer single-room and wholehouse systems, fit for any project.

Our German-engineered systems are designed to be whisper-quiet and recover a higher percentage of heat than other MVHR systems on the market.

From push-fit semi-rigid ducting to EPS-insulated ducting, our ductwork is designed to fit around even the most complex of designs.

For the highest-performing MVHR system, opt for our design package.

If ducting isn’t an option, our Vento range requires no ductwork. These stylish units are simply mounted on external walls and offer a heat recovery percentage of up to 95%.

With smart homes in mind, our systems are WiFi enabled and home assistant compatible. As standard, they are controlled remotely via your smartphone but there’s also the option of in-room control panels.


As the demand for energy-efficient homes increases and the world becomes more climate-conscious, homes are being designed to be more airtight. Yet, without adequate ventilation, airtight homes can present a variety of problems from damp and mould to poor indoor air quality, which can have negative health impacts.

For the highest performing MVHR system, opt for our design package.

To get the most out of our MVHR system, the correct unit and duct placement are essential, that’s why we recommend opting for our design package, which guarantees the highest performing system for your project.

In this package, you’ll be partnered up with a ventilation design engineer who will take into account each of your requirements to provide you with a physical drawing of your MVHR system superimposed onto your floor plan.

Your design engineer will advise you on airflow rates and heat recovery efficiency, and always consider your control requirements, CO2, humidity, temperature and filtration monitoring.

Centralised MVHR

Centralised MVHR systems are our most powerful and popular solution for whole-house ventilation.

  • These centralised units are tucked away in a loft, cupboard space or plant room, from which all ducts discreetly run to each room. They can be controlled remotely via your smartphone or by using mounted control panels.
  • You may choose to opt for frameless vents which appear flush with the ceiling, in order to blend seamlessly with any design.
  • These systems have up to 98% heat recovery efficiency and the highest domestic filtration options available.
  • Our flagship range is the Komfort EC SB which offers market-leading centralised domestic ventilation.
Decentralised MVHR

Decentralised units are an ideal choice for projects only requiring mechanical ventilation in specific areas.

  • These units are simply channelled through external walls with no need for ductwork.
  • They can work independently or collectively to mimic a solution similar to whole-house ventilation.
  • Blauberg’s in-room units have a sleek design with customisable vent panels, offer up to 95% heat recovery efficiency and can be controlled both remotely via your smartphone and locally via the unit.
  • Vento is our versatile decentralised range, with five different models to choose from.

Find the right solution to your project by getting in touch below.


Upload drawings

To quote you effectively, we require the floor plan of the property. Next, we complete an airflow calculation. We use building regulations as a starting point, as we aim to go way beyond minimum requirements. This means users will get the most out of their MVHR system.

Receive a quote

We outline which system is best for your needs. We also advise on delivery times, so you know what’s arriving and when. We strongly recommend opting for the design package, which provides you with a physical drawing of the ventilation system, superimposed onto your floor plan.

Design package (optional)

We strongly advise this option as we can provide you with a physical drawing, specifying where to place vents and ducting, and match you with the exact products you’ll need. This prevents you from running into fitting issues or needing to order more ducting.


Easy, push-fit connections and no wiring needed. It’s possible for your client to DIY install this product or we can connect you with our list of approved Blauberg installers.


Will I get an accurate quote?

We do our best to provide quotes which are 9 times out of 10, an accurate price. However, to guarantee accuracy, we always recommend our design package. That means we can see where each piece of ducting goes and create an accurate calculation based on our drawing.

Why Blauberg?

Blauberg is a premium German brand. We offer some of the most efficient and quietest MVHR systems on the market. Choose Blauberg for quality, longevity and the best all-around solution to ventilation.

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