Hotel and leisure ventilation solutions.

Hotel and leisure ventilation solutions.

MVHR and industrial fans for hotels, kitchens, gyms and stairwells, designed to fit any space.

Ventilation for hotel rooms

Whether you opt for centralised or local ventilation, every guest deserves to experience an optimum indoor climate, filled with fresh, filtered air for a great night’s sleep and a positive experience.

Studies show that increased CO2 levels result in poor quality sleep and affect cognitive function.

Most people turn to reviews when booking a night away and their quality of sleep influences their overall impression. You want guests to leave your hotel feeling refreshed and eager to return, rather than groggy and disappointed.

Blauberg’s MVHR systems silently extract stale, dirty air, filled with CO2 and pollutants, and replace it with fresh, filtered air, all whilst recovering up to 98% of heat.

Blauberg’s hotel ventilation systems can:

  • Remove humidity and condensation, even at peak times.
  • Provide a range of airflow rates, so quiet that guests will barely notice it’s there.
  • Filter out odours and air pollutants, such as pollen, bacteria and viruses with F7-grade filters, promoting a healthier, cleaner atmosphere.
  • Decrease heating and cooling costs due to energy recovery.
  • increase the likelihood of a great night’s sleep and fantastic reviews.
  • Handle any size hotel and meet specific project requirements with additional heating and cooling options.

Blauberg’s localised units are available with in-room controls for the ultimate guest experience. For a centralised solution, we recommend our BlauAir range. For a localised solution, we recommend our Komfort range.

Don't let stagnant air spoil the atmosphere. Our advanced ventilation solutions are engineered to keep your guests feeling revitalised and at ease.

Commercial kitchen ventilation

Blauberg understands the demands of a busy, professional kitchen. Blauberg’s kitchen ventilation systems meet health and safety regulations, remove hazardous cooking fumes, and provide quiet, vibration-free airflow.

Our systems are designed to:

  • Remove harmful cooking fumes, at source, which produce particulate matter.
  • Create a comfortable working environment by removing hot, stuffy air and replenishing the kitchen with fresh, filtered air with an airflow rate of up to 7330m3/hour.
  • Prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide by ensuring enough airflow is present for complete combustion.
  • Avoid the build-up of grease and fat within air inlets and ducts since our motors and impellers swing out and are easy to clean.
  • Be customised to meet your specific requirements with a large range of duct sizes, speeds and airflows to meet particular kitchen demands.
  • Handle high heat exposure, dust and water spray with high levels of sealing on the motors and an IP54 rating.
  • Meet environmental health and gas regulations within commercial kitchens.
  • Incorporate odour and noise control, so diners and nearby residents are not affected by kitchen activity, in line with DEFRA and BESA DW172 regulations.

Our typical choices for kitchen ventilation are our commercial canopy fans and rectangular in-line centrifugal fans with EC motors.

Ventilation for gyms

From small and compact hotel gyms to bustling fitness establishments, all gyms need ventilation to combat the same issues.

With high-energy fitness enthusiasts increasing levels of CO2 and stuffy changing rooms filling with steam from hot showers, specialist ventilation systems are required for a healthy and clean gym environment.

Blauberg’s gym ventilation systems can:

  • Reduce the levels of CO2 created as guests exercise, preventing unnecessary lethargy.
  • Remove stale air, odours, bacteria and viruses with F7-grade filters.
  • Extract humid air by effectively removing moisture in steamy changing rooms and showers.
  • Recover heat and decrease cooling load.
  • Ventilate large areas efficiently with A+ energy-rated products, capable of airflow rates of up to 7330m3/hour.

Blauberg’s BlauAir units are recommended for gyms.

Enquire now for a system that meets your specific requirements or browse all of our products for specifications and other technical information.


In the event of a fire, a well-designed and properly ventilated stairwell can be the deciding factor between a catastrophe and a smooth evacuation. Stairwell ventilation needs to support the escape of evacuees and allow firefighters easy and clear access.

That’s why Blauberg’s stairwell ventilation systems have high-volume airflow capabilities and industry-leading fire resistance ratings.

Blauberg’s Axis-FP range is a popular choice for stairwells.

These fans are designed to:

  • Handle temperatures of up to 400°C for 2 hours.
  • Provide an airflow of up to 114,000m3/hour.
  • Be equipped with up to 12 high-efficiency impellers which can be angled from 20° to 50°.
  • Be mounted both vertically and horizontally, on any flat surface or directly into a ventilation duct.
  • Have a motor ingress protection rating of IP55.
  • Have single or double-speed modifications.
  • Withstand environmental effects with powder-coated casing.
Why Blauberg?

Quality manufacturing

Our hotel and leisure ventilation solutions live up to Blauberg’s reputation of providing high-quality products, entirely manufactured in Europe.

Whisper-quiet products

Our products are so quiet, you can rest assured your hotel guests will not be interrupted by in-room units.

In-house experts

Our team of experts are here to advise from planning to installation. We will take your specifications and floor plan into account to provide an accurate quote, any extra calculations you require, as well as technical information for each system.

Highly efficient

The most efficient MVHR systems on the market with A+ energy ratings.

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