Workplace ventilation systems.

Workplace ventilation systems.

Office and workplace ventilation for healthier, fresher working conditions to heighten staff productivity, safety and workplace satisfaction.

Office ventilation solutions

Offices play a crucial role in the corporate world, where high numbers of staff congregate for at least 8 hours each day to make the most important decisions.

It’s often the case that office environments feel stuffy, due to unopenable floor-to-ceiling windows, a build-up of CO2 and heat generated from IT infrastructure.

Increased CO2 levels don’t just correlate with more virus particles (like COVID-19) in the atmosphere, studies show they also affect cognitive performance.

HSE regulations stipulate that for an optimum, healthy environment, enclosed workplaces require a ventilation solution to provide fresh air.

Our Blauair range is a popular choice for offices, with powerful levels of filtration and high heat recovery efficiency. This system can be scheduled to activate before your staff arrive and switch off when the office is closed for maximum energy saving.

The Blauair range can provide office buildings with more than the minimum requirements for ventilation:

  • F7 supply filters, which remove fine particles >1 μm carrying bacteria, viruses, spores and pollen, keeping the environment fresh and healthy.
  • Wider mounting possibilities compared to standard ventilation systems, with our flexible BlauFast ducting system, designed to fit a variety of spaces.
  • High airflow rates.
  • 24/7 scheduling, a Blauberg MVHR system works how you want and when you want, cutting down on unnecessary expenses when the office is closed.
  • Preheaters and re-heaters available for added heat output and winter protection.
  • Hinged service panel for easy maintenance access.
  • Summer bypass, so staff are less affected by the heat in hotter months.

For more product information, check out the Blauair range here and for more information on our flexible, easy-install ducting, check out the BlauFast product page.

Unnecessary side effects of poor ventilation can weigh heavy on business activity, such as lower levels of productivity, as well as staff shortages due to an increased risk of virus transmission.

Ventilation for warehouses, manufacturing and amenities

It’s no secret that warehouses and industrial facilities have sub-optimal air quality. Workers share their environment with heavy machinery and fumes from paints, plastic and other materials which contribute to poor air quality.

Particulate matter, CO and VOCs are common by-products of the manufacturing process, thus a powerful ventilation system, geared up to specific industrial requirements, is needed to ensure the well-being of staff.

Blauberg’s wall-mounted axial flow industrial fans and roof-mounted vertical discharge centrifugal fans are two of our most robust systems, well-suited to this type of setting.

Our range of industrial ventilation systems is able to provide*:

  • Supply and extraction of large volumes of air at low aerodynamic resistance.
  • Direct air exhausts to remove the build-up of air pollutants such as NO2, CO, VOCs and more.
  • High airflow capacities of up to 12,200m3/hour.
  • Powerful fans with various impeller sizes and motor pole options. Systems with a fan impeller diameter of up to 630mm and motors with up to 6 poles are available.
  • German external rotor motors, for high-quality systems with a good reputation.

If you’d like to read more about this range of products, please use the product pages for a comprehensive overview. Blauberg’s wall-mounted axial flow industrial fans | Blauberg’s roof-mounted vertical discharge centrifugal fans

For a quote specific to your project requirements, get in touch

*specification varies depending on product choice.

Why Blauberg?

Quality motors

Blauberg is known for its use of high-quality materials. Our industrial fans for warehouses are made with single-phase, German external rotor motors.

Powerful airflow capabilities

Our ability to provide bespoke air handling units means almost any airflow requirement can be met.

Manufactured with your project specifics in mind

With a range of fan impeller sizes, motor poles and airflow rates, you can meet your project requirements and order a system that fits your specification.

Unique ducting system

Offices opting for the Blauair range can use the BlauFast ducting. This type of ducting has unique characteristics, which can bend around typical obstacles such as sprinklers, pipes and cables, reducing the need for extra tees or adapter pieces.

An antistatic lining and antibacterial treatment can also be applied to the ducting for a cleaner indoor air environment.

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