Air Quality Testing for the Office

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Feeling productive at work is imperative when there are important tasks on the agenda each day.

Offices are at the centre of the business activity, they're often characterised by their busy nature and stuffy environment due to rooms being occupied by multiple people for extended periods of time.

Indoor air quality in offices is typically low due to high levels of CO2.

High levels of CO2 can impact cognitive performance and are indicative of more virus particles in the atmosphere. If there’s a lack of airflow, the air becomes stale and the probability of passing on viruses or feeling sluggish at work increases.

To combat high CO2 levels, you first need to assess the air quality in the office.

By ordering a Blauberg air quality monitor, you can test office CO2 levels and react accordingly.

Once you know the degree to which you require ventilation, you can select the best system suited to your office environment.

If you have any questions about testing your office air quality, simply get in touch here.

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