Retail ventilation systems.

Retail ventilation systems.

Whether an individual shop, entire shopping centre or supermarket, Blauberg has a retail ventilation solution for your unique specification.

Shopping centre ventilation

Large spaces, high occupancy levels and a wide variety of retailers and eateries typically characterise shopping centres.

With shopping centres having different ventilation requirements, from ventilation of central mall spaces to maintaining a fresh atmosphere in individual stores, Blauberg can provide a system to suit your specification. We offer a range of decentralised and centralised systems with various control options and add-ons.

The main objectives of shopping centre ventilation are CO2 control, minimising odours, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and having an energy-efficient, cost-effective system.

Your shopping centre ventilation may include:

  • Kitchen canopy fans and centrifugal fans for odour control and a pleasurable dining experience in shopping centre eateries.
  • Centralised bespoke MVHR units in central spaces and shops to reduce energy consumption, maintain a comfortable temperature for customers, prevent the buildup of indoor air pollutants and keep products fresh and free from damp and dust.
  • Decentralised bespoke MVHR units for where centralised solutions are not viable, for example in individual shops placed outside of the central mall but within the same complex.

Jet axial fans and induction centrifugal fans for smoke control in stairwells and car parks, allowing for clear access to fire escapes and creating a fresh atmosphere for motorists.


A comfortable indoor environment is integral to a positive shopping experience.

Indoor air quality can have a subconscious impression on customers, influencing the amount of time and money spent in stores.

Individual shop ventilation

Individual shops have a variety of different requirements, depending on the products sold and the size of the store.

From a small, family-run jewellery shop to a large homeware store, Blauberg has a system which will take into account the many variables making up your ventilation requirement.

You might need one of our decentralised Vento Maxi units to provide a comfortable, fresh atmosphere to ensure the focus is on your product, rather than on a stuffy climate, or one of our centralised modular Blauair solutions for a larger store to meet any airflow requirement.

To adhere to HSE workplace ventilation guidelines and ensure a positive customer experience, we offer MVHR solutions to suit your retail space.

Here are just some of the benefits of our retail ventilation systems for individual shops:

  • Heat recovery capabilities and CO2 control to maximise customer and staff comfort in store.
  • The most efficient MVHR systems on the market with a heat recovery percentage of up to 98% to reduce running costs and carbon footprint.
  • F7 filters which remove particulate matter, VOCs, allergens, viruses and other indoor pollutants contributing to poor air quality.
  • Humidity control to prevent damp and mould, ensuring the longevity of products, furnishings and store decoration.

Please make an enquiry for a quote and technical information relevant to your individual shop.

Supermarket ventilation

Supermarkets’ energy consumption is already high with the need for bright lights and powerful refrigeration, so when selecting a ventilation system, it’s wise to choose a solution that is energy-efficient and low maintenance.

The sheer size of supermarkets requires powerful ventilation systems which can provide high airflow rates to safeguard food safety and shoppers.

Supermarkets face the challenge of striking a balance between high airflow requirements and minimising their environmental impact.

Blauberg offers powerful ventilation solutions capable of extracting large amounts of CO2-laden air, recovering energy and reducing cooling loads.

Our centralised Blauair systems enable supermarkets to meet their airflow requirements whilst taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.

Since supermarkets are often open day and night, it’s important that your ventilation system is reliable. Our low-energy German EC motors can be in constant operation with minimal maintenance.

For more in-depth information and a quote for your supermarket ventilation, simply speak to an expert by contacting us.

Why Blauberg?

Quality manufacturing

At Blauberg we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high-quality and powerful ventilation solutions.

All of our products are entirely manufactured in Europe, allowing for rigorous quality control.

Energy efficiency

Supermarkets are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint. We want to help with this by providing ventilation that’s energy efficient. Our products are some of the most efficient on the market.

Easy to maintain

A system shutdown is a supermarket nightmare. Our products are designed to be capable of 24/7 operation and have low maintenance requirements. When maintenance, such as a filter change, is necessary, hinged panels allow for simple access to machine internals.

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