Ventilation for healthcare premises

Ventilation for healthcare premises

Specialised healthcare ventilation systems designed to ensure the safety and comfort of occupants, control odours and mitigate airborne infection risks.

Ventilation in clinical areas

At Blauberg, we understand the complexity of selecting a healthcare ventilation supplier. The intense nature of clinical activities, the vulnerability of patients and the stringent regulations all call for specialised equipment from an experienced supplier you can trust.

Blauberg’s healthcare ventilation solutions are modular, so can be designed to meet any specification for any environment, from ultraclean operating theatres to patient bedrooms. Our healthcare ventilation systems can be equipped with HEPA filters for the delivery of fresh, filtered air.

We offer some of the most efficient and reliable systems on the market. Since breakdown is never an option, our systems are designed so that in time-critical situations, engineers can easily access filters and internals for cleaning and other maintenance.

We know that ventilation in healthcare environments can consume a significant amount of the energy load, that’s why we provide some of the most efficient systems on the market.

Ventilation in non-clinical areas

Although non-clinical areas may be subject to fewer regulations, some of these areas are still critical to the ability of premises to provide optimal healthcare.

Non-clinical areas are defined as ‘spaces where patients may be present but are not under direct treatment. It also includes staff and healthcare services areas’. (HTM 03-01)

Whether in a Doctors’ Mess or a sterile services department, ventilation is required to ensure occupants are kept in comfortable conditions, to control odours and to ensure the longevity of hospital interiors and machinery.

In addition to the general ventilation system, dedicated smoke clearance fans can be installed in stairwells and designated escape routes to permit occupants to safely evacuate and allow firefighters clear access to the fire.

Due to the modular nature of Blauberg systems, each ventilation system can be tailored to the facility.

In order to get a quote for your healthcare ventilation system, please get in touch below to speak to an expert.

Why Blauberg?

Industry certified

Eurovent certification confirming products are manufactured to a high quality and the correct specification.

Quality manufacturing

Blauberg’s reputation for industry-leading reliable ventilation solutions is partly due to its high-quality German-engineered parts and motors.

Energy efficiency

Blauberg systems are some of the most efficient on the market with low running costs and high heat recovery percentages.

Easy to maintain

Blauberg systems have been designed with maintenance in mind. That’s why we’ve made it easy to access filters and other internal parts by including elements such as hinged service panels, maintenance alarms and more.

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