Ventilation for schools and universities.

Ventilation for schools and universities.

MVHR systems to reduce CO2 levels and virus transmission risk, and increase cognitive function.

Ventilation for classrooms and lecture halls

Whether learning to spell or completing a PHD, every learning environment requires maximum concentration and minimal disruption.

In 2021, the British government provided all state-funded schools in England with CO2 monitors with the aim of allowing pupils more freedom and less disruption, as studies show that high CO2 levels correlate with a higher transmission risk of viruses, such as COVID-19.

Other research suggests that lower CO2 levels improve cognitive function, a finding which should not be overlooked in educational environments.

To combat high CO2 levels, effective ventilation is required.

Blauberg’s floor-standing MVHR Civic range offers an energy-efficient solution, capable of removing CO2, VOC, humidity and viruses, and replacing it with fresh, filtered air.

Designed with education in mind, Blauberg’s Civic MVHR range has a number of benefits:

  • Floor-standing, perfect for rooms with limited mounting space.
  • Airflow rates of up to 1200m3/hour.
  • Low energy consumption, class A energy-rated units fitted with highly efficient EC motors.
  • Heat-recovery efficiency of up to 96%, lowering heating costs, reducing the cooling load of the premises and creating a greener learning environment.
  • Silent operation, ideal for rooms where concentration is key.
  • Preheater to prevent system damage from freezing and reheater to increase output temperature of filtered air.
  • Summer bypass to maintain a stable temperature during warmer months.
  • Wide range of available filters from F8-grade to HEPA depending on requirements.
  • Available with CO2, VOC and humidity sensors, and in-room control panels.

For more technical information on the Civic range, you can visit the product page or get in touch with us for project-specific questions and quotes.

"Ventilation doesn’t just reduce the risk of illness… it can also improve pupils’ concentration, cognitive performance, and productivity – in addition to reducing a range of respiratory symptoms."

- Professor Cath Noakes & Dr Henry Burridge

Sports halls and gyms

Gyms and sportshalls require powerful ventilation that covers large spaces and can handle an increased volume of CO2 and odours.

During sports practice, you can expect CO2 levels to reach their peak, as when exercising, more CO2 is produced, which can lead to lethargy.

Post-exercise, busy shower blocks lead to a build up of steam and odours in changing rooms.

Blauberg’s BlauAir MVHR range removes stale air (containing CO2 and other pollutants) and odours, and supply sporting facilities with fresh, filtered air at your required airflow rate.

Supporting students to achieve personal bests and exercise without boundaries, BlauAir was created to enable everyone to benefit from cleaner indoor air.

Here’s what you can expect with an MVHR unit from the BlauAir range:

  • F7 filters capable of removing fine particles >1 μm containing spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses.
  • Odour control as stale air is removed and replaced with fresh, filtered air.
  • Ventilation of large sports halls, changing rooms and gyms capable of providing as much airflow as you need.
  • Extraction of moist air, effectively removing steam and humidity from changing rooms.
  • Recover heat where necessary and reduce cooling load, so a comfortable indoor climate is always achievable.

Check out Blauberg’s BlauAir range for extra technical information or get in touch for a quote to match your specific requirements.

School kitchens and canteens

School kitchens and university canteens are often far bigger and welcome more diners than a commercial kitchen. It’s therefore crucial that there’s enough airflow for complete combustion, cooking fumes are safely extracted and odours are kept at bay.

In order to effectively ventilate this type of kitchen, high airflow rates and larger, more robust units are required.

Blauberg’s ventilation systems can handle the heat of any kitchen.

Our most popular choices are the Blauberg commercial canopy fans and rectangular in-line centrifugal fans with EC motors.

Our kitchen ventilation is designed so that:

  • Harmful cooking fumes are removed at source, to prevent particulate matter polluting the indoor atmosphere.
  • It’s easy to clean, preventing the buildup and fat and grease with easily accessible swing out motors and impellers.
  • The sealing on the motors can handle high levels of heat exposure, water spray and dust, and have a minimum rating of IP54.
  • The accumulation of carbon monoxide is prevented by ensuring complete combustion takes place, thanks to ample ventilation.
  • A comfortable cooking environment can be maintained as hot, stale air is removed and replaced with fresh, filtered air at an airflow rate of up to 7330m3/hour.
  • Meet environmental health and gas regulations within education settings.
Why Blauberg?

Quality manufacturing

At Blauberg we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high-quality and powerful ventilation solutions.

All of our products are entirely manufactured in Europe, allowing for rigorous quality control.

Energy efficient

With highly efficient motors, Class A energy ratings and high heat recovery percentages, our products are some of the most efficient on the market.

Retrofit options

Our Civic range is perfect for schools looking to retrofit their premises where mounting space is limited.

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