Retrofit MVHR systems into your existing home.

Retrofit MVHR systems into your existing home.

Period home or mid-city loft, MVHR is the energy-efficient way to improve your indoor air quality.

Single-room or whole-house, MVHR is the energy-efficient way to ventilate your home.

Whether you’re combatting humidity and condensation problems in your new-build apartment or looking for a mechanical ventilation solution in your refurbished period home, Blauberg has an efficient MVHR solution which can be retrofitted.

Blauberg offers a range of centralised and decentralised systems to provide you with either whole-house or single-room ventilation, regardless of the complexities of your home layout.

Blauberg’s MVHR systems allow you to take control of your indoor air quality whilst combatting humidity and condensation issues which can lead to damp and mould.

Unlike traditional ventilation solutions, Blauberg systems recover heat, meaning you can breathe fresh filtered air without the associated heat loss of other solutions.

What is MVHR?

Heat recovery works by extracting warm, damp air from your room but instead of letting the heat escape outside, it’s transferred to the heat exchanger. Once the fresh air from outside has passed through a filter, it passes over the heat exchanger to supply filtered warm air into your room.

Since the heat is transferred to the fresh supply of air, you’re able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, with heat recovery capabilities of up to 98%, depending on the system you choose.

Do I need MVHR?

All homes can benefit from an MVHR solution. Poor air quality can lead to health problems such as asthma, COPD and lung cancer, as well as manifesting in your home in the form of mould and damp.

If you’re unsure of the air quality in your home, the best way to find out is with a monitor. As a rule of thumb, the more airtight your home, the more beneficial an MVHR system will be.

Get an air quality monitor starting from just £49.99 and test for particulate matter, CO2, VOCs, radon, humidity and more.

Choose your kit, monitor your air and receive a report after 7 days.

Decentralised MVHR systems

Blauberg’s decentralised ventilation solutions are the way to install MVHR in your home without any planning.

These in-room units are mounted on external walls and therefore require no ducting or loft space.

Our flagship range for decentralised MVHR systems is our Vento range, consisting of four different models suitable for specific rooms and problems. The Vento units can work individually or collectively, for both single-room and whole-house ventilation.

With a heat recovery percentage of up to 95%, these units are some of the most efficient decentralised MVHR units on the market.

Their discreet nature is demonstrated by their sleek design, practically silent noise levels and colour customisable vent panels.

With G3 filters and F7 upgrade options, these small but powerful units can extract stale dirty air out of your environment and provide a supply of fresh filtered air.

The heat recovery advantage means that for every £1 spent on heating, an MVHR system will recover a minimum of 85p which would be otherwise wasted, therefore reducing your energy bills.

Browse our Vento range or speak to an expert who can match you with the ideal units for your home.

Centralised MVHR systems

Where you have loft or cupboard space you may opt to retrofit a centralised unit, which offers you whole-house ventilation, higher airflow rates, and higher filtration levels.

Blauberg’s whole-house ventilation offers you a heat recovery efficiency of up to 98%, which is the most efficient solution on the market.

From F7 as standard to H13 HEPA filters, you can customise your filtration levels to suit your needs.

These systems are connected via ductwork, with vents placed in the walls or ceilings of each room, with the central unit neatly tucked away in your loft or cupboard space.

With options for low-profile, frameless vents, your MVHR solution can seamlessly blend into any design and be painted over in the colour of your choice.

Due to the nature of these systems, even rooms with no exterior walls can be properly ventilated with filtered air.

Our Komfort EC SB Heat Recovery Units are Blauberg’s flagship range and can be retrofitted.

For a system design to meet your specific demands, get in touch with an expert to explore your options.

Design Package

For the highest-performing MVHR system, it’s imperative your ventilation is planned out and installed correctly.

We recommend that you opt for our design package, which takes you from concept to completion, from initial consultation with a qualified design engineer to free access to training and installation resources.

We particularly recommend this package to anyone intending to DIY install the MVHR system.

Our design package includes:

  • One-to-one virtual meeting with the design engineer to discuss heating requirements, architectural limitations, building regulations and any specific airflow requirements.
  • The most logical, highest performing system superimposed onto your floorplans with measurements, airflow calculations and detailing the most direct route.
  • Drawings ready for you to present to building control and free training on installation.
  • Continued support throughout your design and installation journey.

Get in touch for a quote

Set on a product or want a recommendation? The easiest way to receive a quote and the best system for your needs is getting in touch on our contact page.

*If you need a system recommendation, we must know the size of your house (typically by sending us floor plans or room measurements).

Design package (optional)

We strongly advise this option as we can provide you with a physical drawing, specifying where to place vents and ducting, and match you with the exact products you’ll need. This prevents you from running into fitting issues or needing to order more ducting.


Whether you decide to fit it yourself, pass the equipment onto your tradesman, or use one of our recommended installers, installation is a simple process. Simple push-fit connections and minimal tools required.

Wi-Fi and warranty setup

Pair your system with the Wi-Fi, download our Blauberg app and control your indoor air all from your phone. Our systems are also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. And don’t forget to register your warranty!

We are there every step of the way, no matter how small or large your question, we’ll do our best to help you.


Will MVHR stop mould?

Consider mould as a side-effect. As air moisture builds up in your home from activities like showering and cooking, which create steam, this water vapour can cause areas to become damp. This is a perfect breeding ground for mould.

MVHR will prevent moisture build-up, which will combat damp and prevent mould from ever forming.

How airtight does my home need to be?

Homes are becoming more airtight. Because of this, UK building regulations now stipulate that newer, more airtight homes require a ventilation strategy, like MVHR.

Similarly, if you’re improving the energy efficiency of your home, you’re likely making it more airtight, for example, by blocking up air bricks. This means that you are required to consider a new ventilation strategy for your property.

If your air permeability is between 1-3m3, mechanical ventilation is essential.

We highly recommend installing an MVHR system if your air permeability is anything between 1-8m3.

To find out how airtight your home is, you’ll need an air permeability test.

You can also test the quality of your air by using one of our air quality testing kits.

How much does the equipment cost?

Our equipment ranges in price depending on your requirements and the size of your home. The larger the home, the bigger the MVHR unit you will need, with more ducting and room vents.

The average equipment can pay for itself in less than 5 years. You are welcome to browse our shop but for a more accurate quote, why not get in touch for free?

What's the running cost?

Believe it or not, MVHR doesn’t cost much to run. The amount of energy you will recover will far outweigh the running costs of your system.

The exact running cost depends on the system you choose and your energy supplier’s unit price. Most Blauberg products have an Energy rating of A+.

However, if installed properly, the cost of running an MVHR system is offset by the savings you’ll make. The average equipment can pay for itself in less than 5 years.

Typical extractor fans do not recover heat, so as your air is extracted, you also lose the heat in your home that you've paid for.

If you were to have an MVHR unit, you could recover up to 95% of the heat that you would have otherwise lost. This means that for every £1 you spend on heating, you can recover up to 95p.

Can I install it myself?

You certainly can! If you’re up for a bit of DIY, installing an MVHR system isn’t too complex. We provide user manuals and telephone support if you have any questions.

Most connections are push-fit and no wiring is required.

If you want it handled for you, we have a list of approved installers.

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