Centralised Heat Recovery

Centralised Heat Recovery

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Blauberg offers centralised commercial systems for a range of applications, from ceiling-mounted slimline MVHR units designed for offices and individual shops to more powerful MVHR systems suited to larger areas like shopping centres and warehouses.

Commercial MVHR is crucial to the well-being of staff and customers and allows for a comfortable indoor environment for all commercial activities. We are well versed in the building, HSE and workplace regulations regarding adequate ventilation, many modern buildings would not meet the necessary parameters without mechanical ventilation solutions such as the ones we offer.

Our BlauAir range offers high airflow rates, powerful levels of filtration, and high heat recovery efficiency.

We offer low-profile, slimline commercial MVHR for compact spaces, as well as larger MVHR and air handling units suitable for mounting in plant rooms and on roofs.

Our extensive range of commercial centralised heat recovery systems is sure to meet your specification and project requirements. Blauberg is also able to provide bespoke air handling units to meet even the most demanding specifications.

To be matched with the ideal system, click here to get in touch here, so we can advise you on the right system and provide you with a quote.

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