Blauair RV - Vertical Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit Commercial with Thermal Wheel

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Blauair Vertical Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit Commercial with Thermal Wheel - BLAUAIR-RV

Product Description:

The Blauair RV Vertical Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit offers cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-growing demands of modern commercial ventilation systems. With a vertical mounting design, this unit boasts airflow rates ranging from 800 to 9000 m3/hour (222 to 2500 l/s), making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small school classrooms to large commercial projects. It features advanced options like electric, water, or DX heating and cooling, coupled with plug-and-play BMS controls for ultimate flexibility and efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications:

  1. Vertical Mounting: The vertical design of the RV unit allows for versatile installation in various commercial settings, optimizing space utilization.

  2. Wide Airflow Range: With airflow rates spanning from 800 to 9000 m3/hour, this unit can efficiently handle ventilation needs across a diverse spectrum of commercial spaces.

  3. Energy and Cost Efficiency: Fitted with German Blauberg low-energy EC motors, the RV unit not only reduces energy consumption but also complies with ERP 2018 regulations, earning an A+ energy rating.

  4. Superior Heat Recovery: The highly efficient thermal wheel ensures maximum heat recovery, minimizing heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Advantages of Thermal Wheel Technology:

The Blauair RV unit employs advanced thermal wheel technology, offering several key benefits over conventional heat recovery systems:

  • Exceptional Heat Recovery Efficiency: Thermal wheels excel in recovering and transferring heat between incoming and outgoing air streams, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality: Unlike traditional systems, thermal wheels can transfer moisture as well as heat, helping maintain optimal humidity levels for occupant comfort and well-being.

  • Versatility in All Seasons: Thermal wheels are effective year-round, providing efficient heat recovery in both cold and warm weather conditions.

  • Sustainability: By harnessing the power of thermal wheel technology, the RV unit contributes to a greener future by reducing energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions.

  • Reduced Maintenance: Thermal wheels typically require less maintenance than alternative systems, leading to lower maintenance costs and increased system reliability.

With the Blauair RV Vertical Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit featuring thermal wheel technology, you can achieve optimal energy efficiency, superior air quality, and cost savings in your commercial ventilation system. Elevate your ventilation solution to the next level with the Blauair RV unit and experience a more comfortable and sustainable indoor environment for your occupants.

More Information
Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
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