Purge Ventilation & Inline Fans

Purge Ventilation & Inline Fans

Purge Ventilation & Inline Fans

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Blauberg’s inline domestic fans are designed for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

They provide powerful air extraction and can operate at low and high speeds. Compared to axial flow fans, inline extractor fans offer superior airflow rates.

Inline fans are referred to as mixed-flow extractor fans as they operate by combining centrifugal and axial impellers, optimising airflow and performance. Domestic inline fans are categorised as a type of purge ventilation, which is defined as manually controlled ventilation which operates at a high rate to quickly and effectively remove pollutants or water vapour.

Air moisture can build up during daily activities such as showering, cooking and drying wet laundry. A powerful inline extractor fan can decrease humidity in the air and prevent typical problems of high levels of air moisture such as damp, mould and condensation. This also protects you from the harmful respiratory effects of mould.

Blauberg’s inline fans are easy to maintain, with many units offering removable central sections for simple access for cleaning and maintenance. Our domestic inline fans are also designed to fit with all standard duct sizes for maximum usability.

In addition to this, Blauberg’s range of inline extractor fans is highly efficient. For example, instead of having to open your window, which allows vast amounts of heat to escape from your home, to air out your bathroom, you can save money by opting for one of our powerful extractor fans which have low running costs and are highly effective.

Wondering how to install an inline fan in your home? The inline fan is mounted in your roof or loft space and one side of the fan is connected via ductwork to a discreet vent in your selected room. The other side of the inline fan has ducting which takes the extracted moisture outside. You may opt for an inline fan with a timer or humidistat, allowing your fan to automatically switch off after a certain time period or when air moisture levels are at an acceptable level.

Browse Blauberg’s range of inline extractor fans for your home. Selected products are available to purchase with our next-day delivery or eligible for our same-day click-and-collect service.

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