Decentralised Heat Recovery

Decentralised Heat Recovery

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Our decentralised commercial systems offer you fresh, filtered air, without the need for ducting.

If you’re looking to ventilate a classroom or similar space with high levels of CO2 and viral particles, look no further than our Civic range. This range includes both floor-standing and ceiling-mounted units that silently extract pollutants, recover heat and filter your air supply without disruption.

Filtering the air in school classrooms and university lecture theatres has never been easier, with Bluaberg’s non-invasive, floor-standing Civic units that will silently improve your indoor air quality.

Not only does poor indoor air quality increase the likelihood of the transmission of viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere but it also decreases concentration due to high levels of CO2 which can cause feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

For ventilation for small offices, individual shops and similar locations, our Vento range includes a number of powerful yet compact heat recovery units, with some Vento units having a heat recovery efficiency of 95%.

Decentralised commercial ventilation is ideal for locations where space is limited or ventilation is only needed in particular rooms.

For a quote to meet your specific project requirements, get in touch here.

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