Roof Mounted Fans

Blauberg manufactures bespoke commercial air handling units to meet your project requirements.

Whether you’re an architect or consultant, Blauberg understands the individual demands of every project, such as limited space, complex site layouts or high airflow requirements.

Our bespoke systems can be designed to meet any airflow or filtration requirements, meaning that we can provide a solution to even the most complex ventilation requirements. Our High heat recovery percentages mean that once the project is completed running costs are kept to a minimum.

Once you’ve advised us on your specific requirements and provided necessary information such as floorplans, we can advise you on what type of commercial AHU would suit your project and give you an accurate quote.

We aim to create the most cost-effective and energy-efficient air-handling solution for your project.

Click here about purchasing a bespoke AHU.

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