Decentralised Heat Recovery

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Decentralised domestic MVHR is a versatile ventilation solution for both new and existing homes.

Blauberg offers a specific range of single-room heat recovery systems which are easy to install and can be retrofitted.

The Vento range is our flagship range of decentralised MVHR units; it consists of four different-size units which extract stale air, recover heat and supply fresh, filtered air into your home. These units can work independently or collectively, it’s your choice.

Blauberg’s Vento units are an MVHR solution that you can keep adding to. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of an MVHR unit, you’ll never look back.

Decentralised MVHR for your home can improve your indoor air quality and prevent problems such as condensation, damp and mould.

They’re a powerful solution for steamy bathrooms and kitchens and a subtle way to ventilate bedrooms and living areas due to their silent operation.

Every Vento unit is colour-customisable, so you’ll never have to worry about intrusive colours interfering with your interior design.

You can also expect to save money on your energy bills as some Vento units have a heat recovery percentage of up to 95%. The efficiency of these units is unmatched by any decentralised MVHR unit or any bathroom or kitchen extractor fan currently on the market.

To find effective decentralised MVHR units for your home, browse our range of Vento units below.

If you have specific queries, please get in contact with us here or head to our Vento range to purchase one today.

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