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Whether you’ve got a self-build, a new build or an older house, mechanical ventilation can benefit any type of home. Blauberg offers a range of home ventilation systems you can purchase from whole-house heat recovery ventilation to intermittent extractor fans. Blauberg home ventilation is also suitable for retrofitting. Purchasing your home ventilation system is straightforward when you choose Blauberg. We offer both next-day delivery and same-day click-and-collect on selected products.

There are plenty of benefits related to mechanical ventilation such as air filtration, heat recovery, preventing damp and mould, and reducing air humidity. Approved Document F stipulates that there must be adequate ventilation provided for everyone in their home. The more airtight your home, the more important mechanical ventilation is becoming to meet these building regulations.

You may be looking to improve your ventilation to combat steam in your bathroom by purchasing an intermittent extractor fan or installing a whole-house ventilation system to provide a constant supply of fresh, filtered air.

Blauberg’s MVHR solutions offer some of the most efficient domestic ventilation solutions on the market, with the Blauberg decentralised MVHR Vento units offering up to 95% heat recovery efficiency. Browse our entire range of home ventilation systems to improve your indoor air quality and prevent structural problems like damp and mould.

Komfort is our flagship range of whole-house ventilation systems.

Vento is our flagship range of decentralised single-room ventilation units.

To purchase the perfect home ventilation solution for your space, feel free to use the filters in the sidebar to specify the exact system you’re looking for. If you are unsure, please head to the contact page where you’ll be put in touch with an expert who will advise you on which home ventilation system to buy.

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