ISO-RB-EC Acoustic Low Noise Centrifugal Inline Box Extractor Fan EC Motor

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Blauberg ISO-RB EC Acoustic Centrifugal In-line Box Extractor Fan, Maximum Air Capacity up to 7145 m³/h

Product Description:

Introducing the Blauberg ISO-RB EC Acoustic Centrifugal In-line Box Extractor Fan, a powerhouse designed to exceed your expectations in supply and exhaust ventilation systems. With a maximum air capacity of up to 7145 m³/h, this fan is a game-changer for environments with strict noise level requirements and limited space for installation.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Acoustic Performance: The Blauberg ISO-RB EC fan is engineered to provide superior acoustic performance. Ideal for premises where noise levels must be kept to a minimum, it ensures quiet and efficient ventilation.

  • Diverse Sizing Options: Choose from a wide range of fan connection sizes, accommodating duct diameters from 100mm to 500mm. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various ventilation systems.

  • Maximum Air Capacity: With an astounding maximum air capacity of up to 7145 m³/hour, this fan excels in delivering exceptional airflow rates, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Premium Build Quality: The fan casing is constructed from robust aluzinc, ensuring durability and longevity. The top cover of the fan is secured with a special lock for easy installation and operation.

  • Efficient Sound Insulation: Heat and sound insulation are achieved through a non-combustible 50mm mineral wool layer. To enhance noise absorption, the inner surface of the insulation features a perforated metal sheet.

  • Sealed Connections: The round connecting spigots are rubber sealed, contributing to airtight performance and preventing air leakage.

Advanced EC Motor Technology:

The heart of the ISO-RB EC fan lies in its electronically commutated (EC) direct current motor with an external rotor and centrifugal impellers equipped with backward curved blades. This advanced motor technology offers several advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: Unlike traditional AC motors, EC motors eliminate inefficiencies associated with friction and wear components. With impressive efficiency levels reaching up to 90%, they significantly reduce energy consumption, delivering cost savings and environmental benefits.

  • Precise Speed Control: The fan operates seamlessly with external 0-10 V control signals, allowing precise capacity adjustments based on various parameters like temperature, pressure, or smoke levels. It maintains efficiency across a wide range of speeds, regardless of the current frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz).

  • Maintenance-Free Reliability: EC motors feature a maintenance-free electronic circuit board, eliminating the need for traditional wear components like commutators and brushes. This ensures long-term reliability and durability.

  • Quiet Operation: EC motors operate with reduced noise levels compared to AC motors, contributing to the fan's overall acoustic excellence. Enjoy a peaceful environment without compromising on performance.

  • Intelligent Integration: The flexibility of EC motor technology allows seamless integration of multiple fans into a computer-driven control system. Custom-designed software offers precise control of the entire network, with real-time monitoring of system parameters and individual fan operation modes.

Flexible Mounting Options:

The round inline fans are designed for easy connection to round air ducts, typically installed at air duct junctions. When using flexible connectors, ensure proper fixation using supports, mounts, or fixing brackets. The fan can be mounted in any orientation with respect to the airflow direction, as indicated by the arrow on the fan casing. Always provide adequate access for servicing and maintenance during installation.

Blauberg Warranty: This exceptional fan is backed by a 5-year Blauberg warranty, assuring you of its quality and long-lasting performance.

Revolutionize Your Ventilation:

The Blauberg ISO-RB EC Acoustic Centrifugal In-line Box Extractor Fan is more than just a ventilation solution; it's a technological marvel. With advanced EC motor technology, precision control, and top-tier acoustic performance, it's the ultimate choice for spaces where silence and efficiency are paramount.

Elevate your ventilation system to a new standard with the ISO-RB EC fan, where excellence meets innovation.

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