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Air Handling Units Built On Site

BLAUbuild Plantroom Flat-Pack MVHR Units: On-Site Built Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions.

BLAUbuild leads the forefront with its groundbreaking 'build on site' commercial MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) solutions.

Introducing Flat-Pack Innovation

At the core of Blauberg’s innovative approach to overcoming installation challenges is the concept of delivering modular sections of MVHR units directly to your site for on-site assembly. Our process involves building, assembling, testing, and commissioning the units — with servicing available upon request. This method not only simplifies transportation but also minimises the risk of damage, facilitating installation in compact or difficult-to-access spaces.

Blauberg’s certified engineers carry out the assembly, testing, and commissioning, ensuring each unit performs optimally and reliably from the outset.

BLAUbuild presents a smart, modular approach that simplifies the entire process from delivery to commissioning, especially with its flagship product: the on-site assembled flat-pack commercial Blauair CFV Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit.

Elevate Your Commercial Space with Blauair CFV: The Apex of Ventilation Excellence

The Blauair CFV Vertical Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit represents a leap forward in indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and intelligent climate control for commercial spaces. Designed for vertical installation, the Blauair CFV stands as a beacon of innovation, offering superior ventilation and comfort in offices, educational institutions, and various commercial settings.

Optimised Space and Powerful Ventilation: Its vertical design not only saves space but revolutionises ventilation. The Blauair CFV is engineered to provide strong, efficient airflow, ensuring effective use and ventilation of your space.

Versatile Airflow for Every Need: With airflow rates ranging from 1500 to 3500 m³/h, this unit meets the diverse requirements of commercial spaces, maintaining optimal air quality and comfort under various conditions.

Customisable Heating Options: The Blauair CFV accommodates both electric and water heaters, offering customised heating solutions to keep your environment comfortable.

Unrivaled Energy Efficiency: Equipped with German-engineered Blauberg low-energy EC motors, the unit surpasses ERP 2018 standards, achieving an A+ energy rating and setting a new standard for eco-friendly ventilation.

Advanced Heat Recovery Technology: Featuring a highly efficient thermal wheel and a counterflow aluminum plate heat exchanger, the CFV maximises heat recovery, embodying an eco-conscious approach to climate control while ensuring superior efficiency.

Durable Construction and Superior Filtration: The double-skin frameless casing and F7 Grade filters of the Blauair CFV remove pollutants as small as PM2.5, providing not just fresh, but also clean and healthy air.

Intelligent Controls for Tailored Performance: Advanced controls allow complete management of operations, from airflow to air quality, offering unprecedented customisation and control over your environment.

Adaptable to Seasons: The CFV’s automatic full-size summer bypass ensures year-round comfort and efficiency, seamlessly adapting to seasonal variations.

Choosing the Blauair CFV means investing in a future where commercial spaces become exemplars of comfort, efficiency, and health. With BlauAir CFV, every breath is a step towards innovation and sustainability. Elevate your commercial environment and experience the difference with BlauAir.

Why Choose BLAUbuild?

Selecting BLAUbuild’s MVHR solutions is a decision for a future-ready system that merges the convenience of flat-pack delivery with leading-edge ventilation technology. Our innovative designs guarantee easy installation, exceptional energy efficiency, and superior indoor air quality. BLAUbuild is about offering solutions that transform spaces into healthier, more sustainable environments. With our on-site assembled flat-pack commercial MVHR units and the Blauair RV, we’re redefining ventilation solutions, ensuring your commercial space enjoys the best in air quality, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the challenges of installing air handling units in limited on-site space?

Installing air handling units in areas with limited space can pose several challenges, including insufficient room for large equipment, difficulty in accessing the units for maintenance, and potential issues with airflow and ventilation. These constraints can significantly affect the overall efficiency and functionality of the HVAC system.

2. How can BlauBUILD air handling units address the issue of limited on-site space?

BlauBUILD air handling units are designed to be built on-site, which allows for greater flexibility in installation. This approach enables the units to be assembled in situ, adapting to the available space and overcoming the constraints typically associated with pre-fabricated units.

3. What are the benefits of on-site built air handling units by BlauBUILD?

The benefits of on-site built air handling units by BlauBUILD include the ability to tailor the units to fit the specific dimensions and layout of the installation site, improved accessibility for maintenance and servicing, better adaptation to the environment ensuring optimal airflow and efficiency, and maximised use of available space without compromising performance.

4. Can BlauBUILD air handling units be customised for unique building requirements?

Yes, BlauBUILD air handling units can be fully customised to meet unique building requirements. Whether dealing with unconventional spaces, special airflow needs, or specific performance criteria, BlauBUILD’s on-site construction process allows for a tailored solution that effectively addresses these challenges.

5. What makes on-site construction of air handling units advantageous compared to traditional pre-fabricated units?

On-site construction of air handling units offers several advantages over traditional pre-fabricated units, including the flexibility to adjust the design during the installation process to better fit the space, elimination of the need to transport large, bulky units thereby reducing the risk of damage and logistical challenges, and the ability to make real-time adjustments based on actual site conditions, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

6. How does BlauBUILD ensure the quality of their on-site built air handling units?

BlauBUILD ensures the quality of their on-site built air handling units through rigorous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and the use of high-quality materials. Their process includes detailed site assessments, precision engineering, and continuous quality checks throughout the construction phase to guarantee superior performance and reliability.

7. What types of buildings can benefit from BlauBUILD's on-site built air handling units?

BlauBUILD’s on-site built air handling units are suitable for a wide range of buildings, including commercial properties, industrial facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, and residential complexes. Any building with space constraints or unique architectural features can benefit from this flexible and adaptive solution.
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Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
MVHR Options Summer Bypass
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