BLAUbuild CFV Flat Pack Commercial MVHR Ventilation Unit – Plant Room Mounting

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Air Handling Units Built On Site

BLAUbuild's Revolutionary On-Site Assembly MVHR Units: Transforming Commercial Ventilation

BLAUbuild is at the forefront with its innovative on-site assembly approach for commercial Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems.

Unveiling Modular Flat-Pack Solutions

Blauberg introduces a pioneering solution to installation challenges by shipping modular MVHR components for assembly directly at your location. Our process includes constructing, assembling, testing, and commissioning the units on-site, with optional servicing. This strategy eases transportation, reduces damage risks, and ensures seamless installation in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Our certified engineers oversee the assembly, testing, and commissioning processes, guaranteeing high performance and reliability from the start.

BLAUbuild's modular system streamlines the delivery-to-commissioning journey, particularly with its standout product: the BLAUbuild CFH Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit, designed for on-site assembly.

Enhance Your Commercial Environment with BLAUbuild CFH: Ventilation Excellence Redefined

The BALUbuild CFH Horizontal Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit is a breakthrough in improving indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and smart climate management in commercial spaces. Ideal for vertical setups, it offers top-notch ventilation and comfort in offices, schools, and various commercial venues.

Space-Saving and Efficient Airflow: Its vertical configuration saves space while revolutionizing ventilation efficiency. The BLAUbuild CFH delivers powerful airflow for effective ventilation.

Adaptable Airflow Capacities: Offering airflow rates from 1500 to 3500 m³/h, the unit caters to a range of commercial needs, ensuring consistent air quality and comfort.

Flexible Heating Solutions: Compatible with both electric and water heaters, the BLAUbuild CFH provides tailored heating to maintain a comfortable setting.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency: Featuring Blauberg's low-energy EC motors, the unit exceeds ERP 2018 standards with an A+ rating, leading the way in eco-friendly ventilation.

Cutting-Edge Heat Recovery: With an efficient thermal wheel and counterflow aluminum plate heat exchanger, the CFH optimizes heat recovery, merging eco-friendliness with unmatched efficiency.

Robust Build and Advanced Filtration: Its frameless double-skin casing and F7 Grade filters effectively eliminate PM2.5 pollutants, ensuring the air is not only fresh but clean and healthy.

Smart Control System: Sophisticated controls manage everything from airflow to air quality, allowing for unparalleled customization and environmental control.

Seasonal Adaptability: The automatic full-size summer bypass feature of the CFH ensures comfort and efficiency all year round, adjusting to seasonal changes effortlessly.

Opting for the BLAUbuild CFH is a commitment to a future where commercial spaces are paradigms of comfort, efficiency, and health. With BLAUbuild CFH, each breath is a stride towards innovation and eco-consciousness. Transform your commercial setting and witness the BlauAir difference.

Why Opt for BLAUbuild?

Choosing BLAUbuild for your MVHR needs means selecting a system that combines flat-pack convenience with advanced ventilation technology. Our innovative solutions ensure straightforward installation, outstanding energy efficiency, and enhanced indoor air quality. BLAUbuild stands for transforming environments into healthier, more sustainable spaces. With our on-site assembly flat-pack commercial MVHR units, including the BLAUbuild CFH, we redefine ventilation solutions, prioritizing superior air quality, energy savings, and cost efficiency in your commercial space.

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Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
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