Square Flush Frameless Architectural MVHR Wall Mount Vent Heat Recovery

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Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille

Product Description:

Elevate your interior design with the Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille. This exceptional wall-mounted square air vent grille offers a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for ducted ventilation, MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems, and Passivhaus projects. Constructed primarily from gypsum plaster, this grille boasts a natural finish that can be painted to match any color scheme. It seamlessly blends into minimalist walls or complements accent features, adding both style and performance to your space.

Key Features:

  • Distinctive Elegance: The Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille effortlessly combines technical excellence with striking aesthetics. Installing ventilation air diffusers in walls provides design flexibility while enhancing the overall ambiance.

  • Customizable Design: Crafted primarily from gypsum plaster, this vent grille can be painted in any color to match your interior design or blend harmoniously with your modern decor.

  • Seamless Integration: Made from the same material as your plasterboard walls, this vent grille ensures a seamless finish without visible cracks, lines, or edges. Installation is a breeze: cut into your wall, make necessary adjustments during plastering, apply paint, and you're good to go.

  • Versatility and Sophistication: Whether you're working on a residential project, office space, or any other environment, this vent grille elevates both form and function.

  • Technical Excellence: Supported by technical airflow and noise data, this grille guarantees accurate selection and top-notch performance.


Blauberg's Frameless ventilation wall vents epitomize the perfect blend of technical prowess and aesthetic appeal. Often overlooked, wall-mounted square air vent grilles offer the versatility of positioning within homes and offices while enhancing the overall ambiance.

Much like their ceiling-mounted counterparts, this vent grille is primarily crafted from gypsum plaster, allowing you to paint it in any color to harmonize with your interior design or seamlessly blend with your contemporary decor. The result is a clean and sophisticated appearance that enhances your space's appeal.

Installation is a breeze—simply cut into your wall, make any necessary adjustments during plastering, apply paint, and you're done. The outcome is a seamless integration with your wall, leaving no visible cracks, lines, or edges.

How Do Blauberg Square MVHR Vents Function?

Designed for use in ventilation systems requiring ceiling-mounted vents, this vent grille is perfect for supplying fresh, filtered air to living rooms, offices, communal areas, or extracting humid air from kitchens, toilets, offices, and wet rooms.

Commonly used in heat recovery ventilation systems, this square wall vent grille can be effortlessly installed in various spaces, including homes, office buildings, schools, and civic buildings. The included commissioning damper allows you to adjust airflow to your desired levels and serves as an air silencer, reducing noise in sensitive areas.

Technical information for the Blauberg Square Vent is readily available, allowing you to accurately calculate airflow, accounting for noise, draughts, and ventilation efficiency. BIM (Building Information Model) models and families are also available for seamless integration into CAD drawings.

Suitability for Passivhaus Projects:

While Passivhaus PHPP software may not specifically account for air vent diffuser elements, this vent grille has proven effective in high-performance buildings and Passivhaus projects. Proper selection, positioning, commissioning, and adjustment of supply and extract grilles can significantly enhance the thermal efficiency of an MVHR system.

Consideration of Blauberg technical data during the design stage ensures informed choices. For instance, a correctly sized supply air diffuser can reduce pressure drop, leading to energy savings and improved heat recovery efficiency. The commissioning damper can help maintain noise levels within strict limits, potentially eliminating the need for cross-talk silencers.

Elevate your interior spaces with the Wall Mounted Square Architectural MVHR Frameless Vent Grille—a perfect blend of form and function that meets the highest standards of design and performance.

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