Circular Flush Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent Heat Recovery Diffuser

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Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent

Product Description:

Elevate your interior design to new heights with the Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent. Crafted for those who appreciate exceptional quality and a seamless, flush finish, this ceiling vent adds a touch of sophistication to any high-standard ceiling.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Quality: Immerse yourself in the world of architectural excellence. This ceiling vent is designed to seamlessly blend into high-standard ceilings, offering a flush, frameless finish that exudes luxury.

  • Customizable Aesthetics: Take control of your interior design with a vent that can be painted to match any color scheme. Achieve the perfect look and feel for your space, effortlessly.

  • Ideal for High-End Spaces: Whether you're working on a Passivhaus project, designing a high-end residential space, or creating a top-tier office environment, this ceiling vent is the perfect finishing touch.

  • MVHR Compatibility: Designed with MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems in mind, this vent is a perfect fit for projects that demand both functionality and elegance.

  • Removable Central Core: Easy maintenance is key. The vent comes with a removable central core for convenient cleaning and upkeep.

  • Fits Standard Ducting: With compatibility ranging from 100mm to 250mm circular ducting, installation is a breeze.


The Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent is a testament to the fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for architects, Passivhaus designers, ventilation consultants, and interior designers, this vent introduces a level of sophistication rarely seen in ventilation systems.

Picture a vent that seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, its frameless design allowing it to blend effortlessly into the surrounding space. The vent is crafted predominantly from gypsum, ensuring a perfect match with drywall plaster ceilings. What sets this vent apart is its ability to be painted to your exact color scheme, allowing it to either stand out as a design statement or disappear into a contemporary ceiling.

Installation is a breeze—cut into your ceiling, make any necessary adjustments during plastering, apply the paint, and you're done. The result is a seamless finish with no visible cracks, lines, or edges.

How Do Blauberg Circle MVHR Vents Work?

These vents are designed for use in ventilation systems that require ceiling-mounted vents. They are perfect for supplying fresh, filtered air to living rooms, offices, communal areas, or extracting humid air from kitchens, toilets, offices, and wet rooms.

Commonly used in heat recovery ventilation systems, each circular ceiling vent can be easily installed in various spaces, including homes, office buildings, schools, and civic buildings. The included commissioning damper allows you to adjust airflow to your desired levels, and it also acts as an air silencer, reducing noise in sensitive areas.

Technical information for each Blauberg Circle Vent is readily available, allowing you to calculate airflow correctly, taking into account noise, draughts, and ventilation efficiency. BIM (Building Information Model) models and families are also available for seamless integration into CAD drawings.

Are Blauberg Circle MVHR Vents Suitable for Passivhaus Projects?

While Passivhaus PHPP software may not specifically account for air vent diffuser elements, these vents have proven to be effective in high-performance buildings and Passivhaus projects. Proper selection, positioning, commissioning, and adjustment of supply and extract grilles can significantly enhance the thermal efficiency of an MVHR system.

Consideration of Blauberg technical data during the design stage ensures informed choices. For instance, a correctly sized supply air diffuser can reduce pressure drop, leading to energy savings and improved heat recovery efficiency. The commissioning damper can help maintain noise levels within strict limits, potentially eliminating the need for cross-talk silencers.

Elevate your interior spaces with the Frameless Architectural MVHR Ceiling Vent—a perfect blend of form and function that meets the highest standards of design and performance

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