Centris MEV Whole House Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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Product Description

Introducing the Centris Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) Unit—a highly compact and efficient solution designed to maintain superior indoor air quality by effectively extracting stale air and providing fresh ventilation. This advanced ventilation system offers variable flow rate capabilities, making it adaptable to the specific needs of various buildings and spaces.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Compact and Lightweight: Manufactured using engineering polymer, the Centris MEV Unit is exceptionally compact and lightweight, ensuring ease of installation and versatility in positioning.

  • High Extraction Flow: This unit boasts an impressive extraction flow rate of up to 440 m³/h and can generate a pressure of up to 350 Pa, ensuring efficient air extraction.

  • IP X4 Protection: With an IP X4 protection rating, this MEV unit is built to withstand moisture and environmental factors, guaranteeing long-term durability.

  • Silent and Low Consumption: Operating quietly and with low energy consumption, the Centris MEV unit enhances comfort and energy efficiency in indoor spaces.

  • Home Automation Control: Enjoy the benefits of home automation control, allowing you to manage and adjust the unit's performance to suit your specific needs.

  • Adaptable Connections: The Centris MEV unit features connections that are adaptable to any duct, providing flexibility in installation and compatibility with various ventilation systems.

Variable Flow Rate MEV System

The Centris MEV unit is designed for use with a Variable Flow Rate MEV system, allowing you to tailor the airflow rate to the specific requirements of your building or space. This flexibility ensures efficient and customized ventilation, promoting a healthy and fresh indoor environment.

Technical Advantages

  • Efficiency: With its high extraction flow rate and low energy consumption, the Centris MEV unit complies with energy efficiency regulations, achieving Energy Class B according to EC Regulation No 1253/2014.

  • Control Options: Speed regulation can be achieved through cable or control (optional), and it also offers 0-10 V control compatibility with CO2 sensors for precise ventilation management.

  • Interior Use: The unit is designed for interior use, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Installation Advantages

  • 360° Adjustable Openings: Featuring adjustable openings with maximum airtightness, the Centris MEV unit ensures efficient and effective ventilation in any installation configuration.

  • Easy Installation: Thanks to its multi-position design, the unit can be installed horizontally, vertically, and is particularly suitable for suspended ceilings due to its low height.

  • Convenient Maintenance: A removable cover facilitates maintenance, ensuring that the unit remains in optimal working condition.

Upgrade your ventilation system with the Blauberg Centris Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit. Experience the benefits of efficient air extraction, customization, and home automation control, all while maintaining a quiet and energy-efficient indoor environment. This MEV unit is designed to meet your ventilation needs while adhering to energy efficiency standards, making it a valuable addition to any building or space.

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