100mm External Wall Mount Acoustic Draft Excluding Shutterless Vent Sandstone

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Elevate Your Exterior with the Blauberg AH-10 Vent in Cotswold Stone Colour for 100mm Ducts

Introducing the Blauberg AH-10 external wall vent in the serene Cotswold Stone colour, perfectly crafted for 100mm duct connections. This vent brings a touch of natural elegance, seamlessly blending with both traditional and modern exteriors.

Key Features:

Precisely Designed for 100mm Ducts: The Blauberg AH-10 in Cotswold Stone is expertly fashioned to offer a flawless fit with 100mm diameter ducts, ensuring efficient and effective ventilation.

Natural Cotswold Stone Aesthetic: Its unique Cotswold Stone colour provides a subtle, natural look that harmonises with a variety of building exteriors, enhancing the visual appeal of your property.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology: This vent features a sound-absorbing lining that significantly reduces noise, promoting a more tranquil indoor atmosphere.

Versatile Ventilation Functionality: Ideal for air intake in systems like MVHR, PIV, and MEV, or as an extract vent for kitchens and bathrooms, this vent ensures optimal airflow while preventing back-drafts and air ingress.

Long-Lasting and Weather Resistant: Constructed to endure the elements, the AH-10 vent is equipped with UV protection and made from durable materials, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

Convenient Maintenance and Drip Tray Included: Designed with a removable hood for easy cleaning and a discreet drip tray to effectively manage condensation, protecting your building's facade.

A Stylish and Practical Ventilation Choice

The Blauberg AH-10 in Cotswold Stone, tailored for 100mm connections, is more than just a ventilation component; it's an enhancement to your building's aesthetic. Ideal for those who value beauty and functionality in their architectural choices.

Opt for the Blauberg AH-10 in Cotswold Stone for a ventilation solution that complements your building's exterior with its natural charm, while ensuring top-notch airflow and noise control.

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