BlauFast 75mm 2 Port Transformer to 204x60 Semi Rigid Radial Duct MVHR System

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  • Convert duct types: Connect two 75mm semi-rigid radial ducts to a 204x60mm flat rectangular duct, ideal for tricky ventilation setups.
  • Streamlined Installation: Equipped with a rubber seal and locking rings for a quick, secure, and easy setup without specialised tools.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for residential MVHR systems, decentralised extract systems, and intermittent extractor fans.
  • Enhanced Airflow Efficiency: Optimises airflow and reduces resistance, improving the performance of ventilation systems.
  • Compact Design: Features a slim profile that fits easily in tight spaces and integrates smoothly with existing 204x60mm flat rectangular ductwork.
Use Blaufast MH adapter when connecting 75mm duct to 204x60mm flat ducting

75mm Radial Duct Adaptor to 204x60mm Flat Ducting

The Blaufast MH Rectangular Adapter is a crucial component when using flat 204x60mm with a 75mm semi-rigid radial duct system. It's designed for connecting two 75mm semi-rigid ducts to a 204x60mm flat rectangular duct.

This adapter simplifies installation with its user-friendly features including airtight rubber seals and two secure locking rings.

Simply attach the adapter to the flat duct, insert the semi-rigid ducts, and secure them in place. Its dual-port design optimises installation flexibility, reducing air resistance and boosting the effectiveness of your MVHR or MEV ventilation system.

Transform 2 x 75mm ducts to 204x60 flat duct. Designed specifically for heat recovery ventilation systems.

Easy Installation When Converting Duct Types

This adapter is engineered for ease, featuring a user-friendly design with an airtight rubber seal and two locking rings.

Installation is straightforward: attach the adapter to the flat duct, insert the semi-rigid ducts, and secure with the locking rings to ensure a stable and durable assembly.

 dimensions and sizes for Blaufast MH duct adaptor.  Convert 2 x 75mm semi-rigid ducts to 204x60mm rectangular MVHR ducting.

Product Dimensions

  • D = 84mm
  • D1 = 91mm
  • H = 60mm
  • L = 98mm
  • W = 217mm
  • W1 = 204mm
  • Duct Size = 75mm dia to 204x60mm Flat Duct
Blauberg duct converter, 75mm can be used as part of  an MVHR and MEV ventilation system

Use as Part of a Blaufast 75mm Semi-Rigid Duct System

Ideal for a range of applications, the Blaufast MH Rectangular Adapter improves connections to external air brick vents and grilles, reducing installation time and effort. It overcomes challenges in tight spaces, navigating around obstacles such as pipes and cable trays.

With a low profile of just 75mm, the adaptor fits seamlessly into tight spaces, crucial for maintaining airtighness and functionality of your ventilation system. The adapter’s ability to connect efficiently to both duct types adds an indispensable level of adaptability, accommodating different installation environments and challenges without compromising system performance.

Blaufast Semi Rigid Duct System ensures efficiency and performance are upheld, making it an ideal choice for improving indoor air quality across diverse installations. The inclusion of the MH adapter allows for versatile connections and easier adjustments during installation, further enhancing the system’s overall effectiveness and adaptability in meeting modern ventilation needs.

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