Calm 100mm Zone 1 Bathroom Extractor Fan Low Noise & Energy Silent White

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CALM 100
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Product Description: Contemporary 4-Inch White Bathroom, Wet Room, and Toilet Extractor Fan with Basic Function Control

Elevate your bathroom and toilet ventilation with the Blauberg Calm, a modern extractor fan available in pristine white. This 4-inch powerhouse offers an impressive extraction airflow rate of 97 m3/hour (27 l/s) and includes a reliable anti-backdraft shutter for peak performance.

Silent Operation & German Engineering Excellence

The Calm extractor fan is a testament to German engineering excellence. Engineered with anti-vibration mounts, it operates at a tranquil 25 dBA sound level, ensuring a serene home environment. Its unobtrusive design seamlessly blends with your decor, striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality—an essential addition for interior enthusiasts.

Basic Function Control

With this version, managing your ventilation is simple with just live and natural wiring connections. Wire to an existing pull cord, light switch, or other external switch.

Efficient Condensation Management

The Blauberg Calm goes beyond enhancing aesthetics; it expertly addresses common issues, particularly condensation control. By effectively managing condensation, it curtails moisture buildup—a vital step in mold prevention. With improved indoor air circulation, you can bid farewell to mold and welcome a healthier living environment.

Dependable & Long-lasting Performance

Powered by a robust German Blauberg motor, the Calm comes with a solid 5-year warranty, guaranteeing durability and reliable performance. It aligns with the stringent standards upheld by interior design enthusiasts, ensuring the longevity of your design vision.

Versatile and Elegant

Designed to complement modern bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, and toilets, this extractor fan seamlessly adapts to traditional settings as well. Its 100mm (4") diameter duct connection allows for easy wall or ceiling mounting, accommodating your preferences. Interior designers can utilize it as a versatile canvas for seamless integration into their design concepts.

Building Regulation Compliance & Zone 1 Suitability

Rest easy knowing that the Blauberg Calm complies with Building Regulation Part F and L. Specifically engineered for Zone 1 placement, it ensures safety in areas where moisture and electrical components intersect. Its integrated shutter minimizes backdraft, eliminating the need for additional external shutters or draught excluders—an ideal choice for your bathroom or kitchen projects.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Efficient moisture removal by the Blauberg Calm results in superior indoor air quality. Say goodbye to stuffiness and welcome fresh, invigorating air throughout your space.

Eco-conscious Energy Efficiency

The Blauberg Calm boasts an A+ energy efficiency rating, enhancing indoor air quality responsibly. It aligns perfectly with sustainability, a cornerstone of modern interior design.

Navigating Bathroom Zones 1 & 2

Typically, bathroom and shower areas require SELV (safety extra-low voltage) fans with 12v transformers to minimize electric shock risks in Zones 1 & 2. However, the Blauberg Calm, with its high IP45 rating, eliminates the need for SELV 12v extractor fans.

Simply connect your Calm extractor fan to an RCD (residual current device) for peace of mind. For doubts or compliance guidance, consult a qualified electrician or reach out to us for expert advice.

Elevate your ventilation solution with the Blauberg Calm, where functionality and expertise converge for an interior that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Now available in pristine white, with the convenience of Pull Cord Control for easy operation, you can enjoy superior condensation control, mold reduction, and elevated indoor air quality in your bathroom, wet room, or toilet.

More Information
EAN Number 5060407914275
Impeller Type Mixed Flow
Motor Type AC
Max Power (Amps) 0.049
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 100mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 27
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 97
Control Options Standard
Colour White
Duct Connection Size 100mm Dia
Power (Watts) 7.5w
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