Flat Rectangular Plastic Ventilation Ducting Coupler Joiner

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Discover the Blauberg Flat Rectangular Plastic Ducting Coupler Joiner – Seamlessly Connect Your Ducting Lengths with Ease:

Effortless Duct Connection with Blauberg Coupler Joiner

The Blauberg Flat Rectangular Plastic Ducting Coupler Joiner is your go-to solution for connecting lengths of solid flat rectangular duct effortlessly. Designed for ease of use and compatibility with various duct sizes, this female rectangular duct coupler simplifies your ventilation system setup.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Sizes: Available for flat duct sizes of 110x54mm, 204x60mm, and 220x90mm, ensuring compatibility with your specific ducting needs.

  • Efficient Airflow: Smooth internal bore reduces airflow resistance, enhancing the overall efficiency of your ventilation system.

  • UV-Protected Material: Manufactured from UV-protected white PVC plastic, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Secure Connection: Coupler is designed to fit outside of the ducting, and an airtight seal can be easily achieved using duct tape.

  • Comprehensive Range: Part of a full range of ancillary items, including bends, connectors, grilles, and joints, to complete your ventilation system.

Product Description:

Effortless Duct Connection:

The Blauberg Coupler Joiner is designed to simplify the process of joining lengths of solid flat rectangular duct. Whether you need to extend your ducting system or create a custom layout, this coupler ensures a secure and efficient connection.

Optimized Airflow:

With a smooth internal bore that minimizes airflow resistance, this coupler enhances the overall performance of your ventilation system. Air can flow freely and efficiently through the connected ducts.

Size Options:

Available in various sizes to accommodate different duct dimensions, the coupler joiner provides flexibility and compatibility with your specific requirements.

Built to Last:

Constructed from UV-protected white PVC plastic, the Blauberg Coupler Joiner is built for durability and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring a long service life.

Complete Your Ventilation System:

These coupler joiners are part of a comprehensive range of ancillary items, offering everything you need to create a functional and efficient ventilation system. From bends to connectors, grilles, and joints, Blauberg provides a full suite of components to meet your ventilation system needs.

Effortlessly Connect Your Ducting:

Choose the Blauberg Flat Rectangular Plastic Ducting Coupler Joiner for easy and secure duct connections. With smooth airflow, compatibility with different duct sizes, and a UV-protected construction, this coupler joiner ensures reliable and efficient ventilation system performance. Trust in a solution that simplifies duct connections while delivering optimal airflow within your ventilation system.

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