Komfort-EC DE300 Slimline MVHR Unit Void Mounted Electric Heater Left Handing

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  • High-performance suspended ceiling-mounted MVHR unit.
  • Airflow rates up to 340 m3/hour (94 l/s).
  • Designed for smaller offices school buildings and other commercial installations.
  • Built-in 1.6 Kw electric heater.
  • Left-handed access & maintenance.

Elevate Your Indoor Environment with the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L

Transform your space with the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L, a sleek and low-profile MVHR unit with built-in heating (1.6 Kw). Designed for ceiling or void mounting in spaces where room is at a premium, this innovative system ensures your indoor air is always fresh and energy-efficient.

Perfect for Commercial Installations

Ideal for offices, schools, and large buildings that require suspended ceiling MVHR units with integrated heating. With built-in heating and robust ventilation, it keeps large spaces comfortable and healthy.

Space-Saving Slimline Design

Maximise your space with this low-profile unit. Perfect for buildings with limited ceiling room, its compact design ensures it fits seamlessly without taking up valuable space.

Flexible Installation

Designed for easy setup, the unit is configured for left-handed access with provided fixing brackets. Its adaptable design makes it suitable for a variety of building layouts.

Efficient Airflow

With the ability to supply and extract up to 340m³/hour (94 l/s), the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L ensures efficient ventilation. This means cleaner, fresher air circulating through large spaces, maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.

Energy Efficient EC Fan Motors

Equipped with German-engineered Blauberg low-energy EC motors, this unit optimises energy use, reducing your operational costs while maintaining high performance.

Advanced Air Filtration

Featuring an F7 grade filter, the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L effectively removes pollutants, ensuring your indoor air is always clean. Breathe easier with advanced filtration that captures fine particles and allergens.

Efficient Heat Recovery

With up to 90% heat recovery efficiency, this unit recycles heat from the exhaust air to pre-warm incoming fresh air. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also cuts down on heating costs.

Smart Automation Controls

The S21 integrated automation system provides enhanced functionality and smart connectivity. Control your ventilation settings effortlessly, integrating seamlessly with smart home or building management systems.

Energy Savings

By recycling heat, the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L reduces the need for additional heating, leading to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Consistent Comfort

Maintain a stable, comfortable indoor climate with continuous fresh air supply and consistent temperatures. No more stuffy rooms – just pure comfort year-round.

Cost Efficiency

Lower your heating and cooling expenses with efficient heat recovery. Over time, the savings on energy bills can significantly offset the initial investment.

Healthier Air Quality

Minimise exposure to pollutants and allergens with advanced filtration. Enjoy cleaner air, which is especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Smart Home or Office Integration

Easily connect the unit with your smart home systems or Building Management Systems (BMS) for convenient control and monitoring. Adjust settings remotely to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Optimised Space Usage

Its compact design makes it ideal for ceilings or voids, perfect for spaces where every inch counts. Get powerful ventilation without compromising on space.

Versatile and Adaptable

No matter the building layout, this unit’s flexible installation options make it a versatile choice. Whether for new constructions or retrofits, it fits right in.

Reliable Year-Round Performance

From summer bypass cooling to winter heat recovery, the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L is designed to perform in all seasons, ensuring your indoor climate is always just right.

Design Features:

  • Double-Skinned Aluzinc Panels: These panels are insulated with a 20 mm layer of mineral wool, providing excellent heat and sound insulation for a quieter, more efficient operation.
  • Easy Installation with Vibration-Absorbing Fixing Brackets: Reduce noise and enhance stability with these brackets, making installation a breeze.
  • Airtight Side Spigots: Ensure airtight connections to air ducts, preventing leaks and maintaining efficient airflow.
  • Convenient Service Panel: Access internal components easily for cleaning and maintenance, keeping the unit running smoothly.

High-Efficiency EC Fans:

  • External Rotor EC Motors: With centrifugal impellers and backward-curved blades, these motors deliver excellent power-to-airflow ratio, high performance, and low noise levels.
  • Precision Control: Full speed control allows for precise airflow management, optimising energy use and performance.

Advanced Heat Recovery

  • Plate Counter-Flow or Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers: Efficiently transfer heat between incoming and outgoing air streams, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Condensate Drain Pan: Collects and drains condensate to prevent water buildup, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Optional Enthalpy Heat Exchanger: Offers energy recovery without condensate generation, boosting efficiency further.

Integrated Air Heater Battery

  • 1.6 Kw Electric Heater: Maintains optimal indoor temperatures, especially during colder months.
  • Advanced Heat Controls: Smooth, precise heat output adjustment ensures consistent comfort.
  • Safety First: Equipped with two overheat protection thermostats to prevent overheating.

Summer Bypass Functionality

  • Summer and Freeze Protection: Bypass feature allows for direct ventilation during summer and protects the heat exchanger from freezing in winter.

Effective Air Filtration

  • Built-In G4 Filters: Standard filters capture larger particles and debris.
  • Optional F7 Supply Filter: Provides enhanced filtration, capturing finer particles and allergens for improved air quality.

Mounting Ease

  • Ceiling Mounting Brackets: Ensure secure installation and proper condensate drainage.
  • Accessible Design: Easy access for filter replacement and maintenance, ensuring long-term efficiency.

Enhance your indoor environment with the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L – a dependable, energy-efficient solution for high-quality air and comfort all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating?

A suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating is a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system designed to be installed in the ceiling space. It provides both ventilation and heating, improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

2. How does a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating work?

It works by extracting stale air from inside the building and bringing in fresh air from outside. The heat exchanger within the unit transfers heat from the outgoing air to the incoming air, and an integrated heater can provide additional warmth as needed.

3. What are the benefits of using a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating?

Benefits include improved air quality, energy savings through heat recovery, consistent indoor temperatures, reduced heating costs, and efficient use of ceiling space without compromising floor area.

4. Can a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating be used in residential buildings?

Yes, while they are often used in commercial spaces, these units can also be installed in residential buildings, especially in homes with limited space and a need for efficient heating and ventilation solutions.

5. What is the airflow capacity of the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L unit?

The Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L unit has an airflow capacity of up to 340 m³/hour (94 l/s), making it suitable for providing efficient ventilation in various spaces.

6. How does the heat recovery function in an MVHR unit save energy?

The heat recovery function saves energy by transferring heat from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air, reducing the need for additional heating. This process recycles heat that would otherwise be lost, leading to lower energy consumption.

7. Is the installation of a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating complicated?

Installation is relatively straightforward, especially with units like the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L, which come with fixing brackets and are designed for easy setup in ceiling voids or tight spaces.

8. What kind of maintenance does a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating require?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking the heat exchanger for dirt buildup, and ensuring that the condensate drain is clear. Most units have service panels for easy access to internal components.

9. Can a suspended ceiling MVHR unit with heating be controlled remotely?

Yes, many modern units, including the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L, come with smart automation controls that can be integrated with home automation systems or building management systems (BMS) for remote control and monitoring.

10. What are the dimensions of the air ducts compatible with the Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L?

The Komfort-EC-DBE-300-S25-L is compatible with round air ducts of Ø 160mm. Check out the data sheet in the download section for full dimensions.
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EAN Number 5056194029995
Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 94
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 340
Energy Rating A
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