125 100mm Round Plastic Circular Ducting Ventilation Reducer

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RS 100-125
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Blauberg RS Ducting Reducers - Enhance Your Ducting System 125mm to 100mm

Optimise Your Ducting System with Blauberg RS Ducting Reducers

Improve the functionality of your ducting system with the Blauberg RS Ducting Reducer, specifically designed to transition from 125mm to 100mm. These reducers provide flexibility and compatibility for various ducting needs, ensuring a seamless size adjustment.

Key Features:

  • Short Plastic Ducting Reducer: Facilitates smooth size transitions.
  • Female to Male Design: The larger end (125mm) is female, and the smaller end (100mm) is male.
  • Durable Construction: Made from UV-protected white PVC plastic for long-lasting use.
  • Comprehensive Range of Accessories: Includes bends, connectors, grilles, and joints.

Product Description:

Blauberg RS Ducting Reducers 125mm to 100mm

The Blauberg RS Ducting Reducer is engineered for efficient size adjustment in your inline ducting system. The larger end (125mm) is designed to fit over extractor fan spigots and duct fittings, while the smaller end (100mm) fits inside solid plastic and flexible ducting. For a clean fit when attaching the smaller end to fan spigots or duct fittings, consider using a small piece of duct.

For a direct reduction from solid or flexible ducting, a male coupling is required.

Streamline Your Ducting System

Optimise your ducting system's performance with the Blauberg RS Ducting Reducer, transitioning from 125mm to 100mm. Whether you're decreasing or increasing the duct size, our reducers provide a versatile and efficient solution, ensuring your system operates at its best.

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EAN Number 5060503628007
Small End Diameter 100mm Dia
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