Supply Air Handling Unit with Electric Heater & Filter

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Introducing the Blauberg Supply Air Handling Unit with Electric Heater & Filter - 1 Phase

Discover an efficient and controlled solution for managing airflow, filtration, and heating with the Blauberg Supply Air Handling Unit - specially designed for 1-phase electrical supply. Whether your requirements include tempered and filtered air in a commercial building, office space, educational facility, or civic building, this unit stands out as the ideal choice. Below, we outline its exceptional features that set it apart from the rest:

Key Distinctive Features:

Versatile Electrical Options: The Blaubox E series offers a versatile selection of supply air handling units compatible with both 1-phase and 3-phase electrical supplies. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse setups and power configurations.

Sound-Reducing Design: Enclosed within a fully acoustically insulated double-skinned housing, this unit excels at noise reduction, creating a tranquil indoor environment while efficiently managing air quality and temperature.

Circular Duct Compatibility: Circular duct connection sizes spanning from 100mm to 315mm accommodate a wide range of airflow needs, making it suitable for various applications and spatial constraints.

Impressive Airflow Capability: With an impressive airflow capacity of up to 1520 m³/hour (422 l/s), this unit delivers consistently efficient ventilation, guaranteeing a continuous supply of fresh, filtered air.

Robust Heating Performance: Featuring an electric heater with a heating capacity of up to 9 Kw, the Blauberg Supply Air Handling Unit ensures reliable operation even during colder seasons, with the ability to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, even in chilly weather.

Integrated G4 Filtration: The unit is equipped with an integrated G4 filter section that effectively removes airborne particulates, ensuring superior indoor air quality and a healthier environment.

High-Performance Fan: A high-capacity centrifugal fan enhances airflow and distribution, preserving an optimum indoor environment marked by consistent comfort.

Effortless Plug & Play Controls: The inclusion of plug & play controls streamlines operation by automatically adjusting airflow, heating, and filter monitoring. This intelligent system simplifies maintenance, optimizes performance, and ensures seamless usability.

Detailed Description:

The Blaubox E represents an ingenious approach to supply air handling units, offering a cost-effective solution for managing air intake in various building contexts. It seamlessly integrates a fan, filter, and electric heater within an acoustically lined, double-skinned enclosure, complete with circular duct connection spigots for hassle-free installation.

Built-in mounting feet equipped with anti-vibration mounts simplify installation, allowing placement in void spaces or plant rooms.

When the mercury drops, the electric heater steps in to ensure indoor comfort, featuring integrated overheat protection thermostats for added safety. The control system, complete with a wall-mounted control panel and LCD display, provides a spectrum of versatile functions:

  • Activation and deactivation of the unit.
  • Setting fan speeds and controlling airflow.
  • Managing supply air temperature.
  • Implementing automation functions based on daily or weekly schedules.

Automation capabilities encompass filter clogging control, facilitated by a differential pressure switch, and safeguarding the electric heating elements against overheating. Furthermore, the unit deactivates the heater during fan shutdown, prioritizing safety and energy efficiency.

Select the Blauberg Supply Air Handling Unit with Electric Heater & Filter - 1 Phase to experience the advantages of efficient, controlled, and filtered airflow, ensuring an environment that is both comfortable and health-conscious. Embrace the convenience of plug & play controls and enjoy peace of mind with integrated safety features. Elevate your air management with Blauberg's standout solution.

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