Turbo-EC 315mm EC High Performance Inline Mixed Flow Fan Low Energy EC Motor 12"

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Discover the Blauberg Turbo EC 315: Advanced Ventilation for Every Space

Meet the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan, your ultimate choice for combining cutting-edge mixed flow technology with a highly efficient Electronically Commutated (EC) motor. Designed to serve both residential and commercial settings, this inline EC fan adapts effortlessly to different airflow demands, delivering superior air quality and comfort with minimal energy usage.

Exceptional Performance Meets Superior Efficiency

Experience unmatched efficiency with the Blauberg Turbo EC 315’s robust airflow, reaching up to 1995 m³/hour (554 l/s). Ideal for both compact homes and large commercial areas, its mixed flow technology ensures consistent and powerful air movement, enhancing both air quality and comfort.

Integrated Speed Control for Tailored Ventilation

Featuring an integrated speed controller, the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 offers precise airflow adjustments. This allows for customised ventilation settings, from gentle air circulation in smaller rooms to robust airflow in larger spaces, improving versatility while conserving energy.

Key Benefits of EC Motor Technology:

  • Energy Efficiency: EC motors are significantly more efficient than traditional AC motors, reducing both power consumption and operational costs.
  • Variable Speed Control: Provides excellent performance adaptability and airflow management.
  • Quieter Operation: EC motors work quietly, enhancing the comfort of your environment.
  • Extended Lifespan: Longer lasting motor reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
  • High Efficiency: Converts a higher rate of electrical energy into mechanical power, ensuring effective performance.

German Engineering for Optimal Performance

The German-engineered EC motor in the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 complies with the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive, supporting longer duct runs and high-efficiency filtration systems with reduced energy use and lower noise levels.

Adaptable for Various Environments

From residential kitchens and bathrooms to commercial offices and educational institutions, the Turbo EC 315 is versatile enough for any setting, offering reliable and effective ventilation solutions.

Adjustable Airflow for Customised Comfort

With its variable speed control, the Turbo EC 315 can precisely adjust airflow up to 1095 m³/hour (304 l/s), accommodating both low and high-demand scenarios for optimal ventilation at all times.

Simple Installation Process

Designed for easy installation, the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 comes with a mounting bracket, making it straightforward to set up in void spaces, ceiling cavities, or lofts, thereby minimising installation time and cost.

Compliance with ERP 2018 Standards

Adhering to ERP 2018 energy regulations, the Turbo EC series represents the forefront of eco-friendly ventilation technology, meeting specific fan power (SFP) ratings essential for energy assessments like the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

Ideal for Medium-Length Duct Runs

Perfectly suited for scenarios that involve medium-length duct runs, the Turbo EC 315 ensures efficient and effective air movement, maintaining optimal ventilation even over longer distances.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 1 ~ 230V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 306 W
  • Current: 2.0 A
  • Maximum Airflow: 1995 m³/h (554 l/s)
  • RPM: 2508 min⁻¹
  • Noise Level: 55 dBA at 3 m
  • Temperature Range: -25 to +55 °C
  • SEC Class: BProtection: IPX4 general, IP44 motor
  • ErP Compliance: 2016, 2018

Choose the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 for Advanced Ventilation

Opt for the Blauberg Turbo EC 315 for a reliable, versatile, and energy-efficient ventilation solution that meets modern needs with excellence. Whether upgrading your system or installing a new setup, this fan is designed to deliver high-performance, environmentally friendly cooling and air quality management.

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EAN Number 5060407918679
Impeller Type Mixed Flow
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 315mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 554
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 1995
Control Options Standard
Duct Connection Size 315mm Dia
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