BlauFast 117X52mm Horizontal Elbow Bend 90 Degree for Semi Rigid Radial Duct MVHR System

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  • Engineered for Horizontal Precision: Perfectly designed for 117x52mm flat oval semi-rigid ducting, our elbow bend effortlessly manages horizontal turns in space-restricted environments.

  • Effortless Push-Fit Installation: Features a user-friendly push-fit connection that ensures quick, secure, and straightforward installation.

  • Optimises System Efficiency: Essential for residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems, improving airflow and enhancing heat recovery capabilities.

  • Secure and Airtight: Optional sealing rings are available to provide a robust, airtight seal, maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your ventilation setup.

Discover the Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend: Elevate Your MVHR Radial Ducting System

Introducing the Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend, a pivotal component tailored for the Blaufast radial duct system. This elbow bend is engineered to facilitate horizontal turns with ease, offering a vital enhancement for effective heat recovery ventilation within your residence. It's specifically compatible with 117x52mm flat oval semi-rigid ducting, ensuring a perfect fit for specialised setups.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Efficiency The Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend is exceptionally beneficial in scenarios where space is at a premium and navigating horizontal pathways is required. It is particularly effective when semi-rigid ducts, including the 117x52mm flat oval type, need to make sharp horizontal turns.

Simple Installation with Push-Fit Connection Embrace ease with the push-fit connection of our elbow bend, guaranteeing a swift, secure, and straightforward installation process. This user-friendly attribute allows even novices to DIY home projects to set up their ventilation systems without fuss.

The Preferred Choice for Home MVHR Systems Renowned for its dependability and performance, the Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend stands out as the ducting solution of choice for residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. It plays a crucial role in enhancing heat recovery, boosting your system’s overall efficiency.

Expand Your System with Our Comprehensive Accessory Range Augment your MVHR setup with our extensive selection of compatible accessories, including plenums and manifold boxes. These components are meticulously designed to complement and optimise the functionality of your Blaufast ventilation system.

Key Product Features and Benefits While not all heat recovery systems necessitate 90-degree bends, our Blaufast RB 75 elbow bends are perfect for use with semi-rigid radial ducts in constrained spaces, especially for making horizontal bends with the specific 117x52mm flat oval ducts. These bends are essential for maximising spatial efficiency and improving airflow dynamics.

Efficient and Airtight Installation Installing your Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend is seamless and secure. For those seeking an enhanced airtight connection, optional sealing rings are available. These rings maintain the system's integrity and efficiency—simply fit the sealing ring to the duct end, insert into the elbow bend, and achieve a robust, airtight seal.

Your Partner in Advanced Heat Recovery Ventilation Opt for the Blaufast 90 Degree Elbow Bend to proficiently manage horizontal bends and elevate the air quality in your home. This product is more than just a component; it’s a cornerstone in realising an optimised indoor environment.

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