BlauFast 90mm Semi Rigid Radial MVHR Ducting Female Joiner Coupler

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  • Tool-Free Quick Connection: Effortlessly attach 90mm radial ducts without needing tools, accelerating the installation process.
  • Suitable for Residential MVHR: Use for joining sections of 90mm duct in residential setups.
  • Fully Compatible: Integrates with all Blaufast 90mm semi-rigid components, boxes, and accessories.
  • Simple Installation: Simply cut, seal as necessary, and securely clip the ducts into position.
  • Airtight: Ensures the maintenance of system-wide airtight integrity.
BlauFast 90mm Duct Connector piece for MVHR systems mounted in loft  spaces - joist rafters.

90mm Semi Rigid MVHR Duct Connector

The Blaufast 90mm round semi-rigid duct connector is designed for effectively connecting two sections of ducting where a joint is necessary.

Blaufast ducts are offered in 25m and 50m lengths to ensure optimal, uninterrupted airflow. However, the specific demands of residential layouts often call for tailored measurements.

This connector enables straightforward and secure extensions, making it perfect for extending ductwork to areas such as annexes, guest rooms, or any other space just slightly beyond reach.

To ensure a completely airtight connection, it is advisable to use Blaufast sealing rings with this connector.

How to join BlauFast 90mm MVHR Duct Connector Joint to semi-rigid ducting using seals and fixings

Easy Installation for 90mm Semi-Rigid MVHR Ducting

Secure the connector to a stable structure using the provided mounting holes.

Use a sharp knife to cleanly cut the 90mm semi-rigid duct.

Slide the rubber sealing rings (sold separately) over the duct ends for an air-tight seal.

Insert the duct ends into the connector and fasten with the red locking rings provided.

dimension and sizes for heat recovery ventilation semi-rigid MVHR duct connector by Blauberg, 90mm

Product Dimensions

  • D = 101mm
  • L = 105mm
  • Duct Size = 90mm
Blauberg duct connector, 75mm can be used as part of  an MVHR and MEV ventilation system

Blauberg UK's Blaufast 90mm Semi-Rigid Ducting Solution

Discover our advanced 90mm semi-rigid MVHR ducting, designed to deliver superior performance in a streamlined form. This product stands out as an exceptional solution for ventilation requirements, particularly suited for larger heat recovery ventilation systems.

With its slightly larger profile of merely 90mm, our ducting still integrates effortlessly into tight spaces, preserving the integrity and functionality of your ventilation system. It is particularly beneficial for properties with intricate architectural designs, where maximising space is crucial. Our 90mm MVHR ducting ensures that efficiency and performance are not compromised, making it a perfect choice for enhancing indoor air quality for any ventilation project.

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