BlauFast 90mm Plastic Radial Duct Manifold Box 160mm Connection 8 Port

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Product Name: Dual Box 160mm Top Entry 8 Port Ventilation Distribution Manifold

Product Description:

Maximize your HVAC efficiency with our advanced Dual Box 160mm Top Entry 8 Port Ventilation Distribution Manifold. This expertly designed manifold offers a dual box configuration with a 160mm diameter and top entry ports, perfect for accommodating various HVAC systems and installation demands with precision and ease.

Built for rapid installation, this manifold integrates seamlessly with semi-rigid ducting via our easy-to-use installation clips. It features essential blanking caps to fine-tune and control airflow by sealing off unused ports, thereby enhancing system efficiency and performance.

This manifold is ideally suited for a multitude of installation environments including lofts, ceilings, underfloors, and visible areas, adapting effortlessly to meet the specific needs of any project.

Enhance system airtightness and achieve 'Class C' standards with the addition of optional sealing rings, providing superior performance and energy efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Top Entry Configuration: Provides flexibility in HVAC system design and ease of installation.
  • Streamlined Installation: Quick-connect clips ensure a swift and secure setup, minimizing installation time.
  • Optimal Airflow Management: Comes equipped with blanking caps to effectively manage and optimize airflow.
  • Multi-Environment Suitability: Ideal for diverse installation locations, whether hidden or in plain sight.
  • Improved Airtightness: Achieve 'Class C' airtightness with optional sealing rings, enhancing the overall efficacy of the ventilation system.


Transform your HVAC system with the Dual Box 160mm Top Entry 8 Port Ventilation Distribution Manifold. This top-performing manifold features a dual box design and a substantial 160mm diameter, making it a powerful solution for modernizing your air distribution setup.

The top entry ports facilitate an easier and more flexible installation process, with quick-installation clips that lock ducting in place efficiently. The included blanking caps not only allow for customized airflow but also contribute to energy savings by preventing air leaks.

Designed to be flexible, this manifold is a perfect fit for various applications, from residential to commercial settings, ensuring compatibility regardless of the installation site. Optional sealing rings are available to boost the manifold’s airtightness, promoting enhanced performance and reduced energy costs.

Constructed from high-quality materials designed to withstand diverse operating conditions, this manifold is a durable and dependable upgrade for any ventilation system. Choose our Dual Box 160mm Top Entry 8 Port Ventilation Distribution Manifold for a more efficient, effective, and adaptable HVAC solution.

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EAN Number 5056194044028
Please choose Size 8x90 mm Ports 2
Duct Connection Size 160mm Dia
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