90mm BlauFast MVHR Semi Rigid Radial Ducting System - Heat Recovery Ventilation

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Slimline anti-static anti-bacterial semi-rigid radial flat over ducting. Suitable for all types of heat recovery ventilation systems

90mm Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Static Semi-Rigid Radial Duct

Blaufast 90mm Semi-Rigid Ducting is the top choice for residential heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems due to its cutting-edge design and improved functionality. Featuring an anti-static and antibacterial lining, this ducting system is designed for superior air quality, efficiency, and simple installation.

Designed specifically for bigger properties, the larger 90mm profile will handle the increased airflow required without added noise. Whether your ventilation system is for a new build or retrofit, choose to use Blaufast semi-rigid duct to save time without compromising your system.

Available in 25m or 50m coils for convenience, this ducting often eliminates the need for additional bends, tees, or adapters as it can easily curve and bend gently around obstacles like beams, pipes, and cables. It is also capable of handling tight bends to navigate through walls and cavities. Furthermore, we provide a complete selection of ancillaries to support any type of installation.

 Installing an MVHR system in tight spaces? Use Blaufast 52mm high semi-rigid heat recovery ducting.

Save time with a Semi-Rigid Duct System

Blaufast ducting is engineered for ease of use. It can be quickly and effortlessly cut using a sharp blade, which simplifies the installation process and saves time on-site.

In comparison to traditional rigid PVC or metal ducting, Blaufast semi-rigid ducting can reduce installation time by up to 50%. This not only lowers labour costs but also minimises disruption during installation.

Blaufast ducting is exceptionally resistant to crushing and kinks that restrict airflow, ensuring your ventilation system operates efficiently and lasts longer.

To optimise performance, seal all connections to prevent air leaks and insulate the ducting to reduce thermal losses, especially in unheated areas.

 dimensions and sizes for Blaufast MH duct adaptor.  Convert 2 x 75mm semi-rigid ducts to 204x60mm rectangular MVHR ducting.

Product Dimensions

  • D = 90mm
  • D1 = 77mm
  • L = 25 or 50m Coil
  • Duct Size = 90mm Semi-Rigid
High-quality MVHR ducting for new build and retrofit projects. Slimline, low-profile heat recovery ducting.

Advantages of a 90mm Semi-Rigid Duct System

Installing a 90mm larger profile semi-rigid duct in a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) or mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) system is particularly advantageous, especially for larger homes that require handling higher airflows without increasing noise. Moreover, these ventilation ducts are designed with smoother interiors that minimise airflow resistance, thereby improving efficiency by reducing energy losses while ensuring optimal airflow performance, even at higher volumes.

Generally, semi-rigid ducts improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Their sturdy structure prevents sagging and ensures better airtightness compared to flexible ducts, minimising condensation and mold risks. This leads to cleaner air circulation and more consistent indoor temperatures, enhancing overall comfort and health within the building.

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